How to delete Instagram account?

How to delete Instagram account?

Recently, many people have asked how to delete/permanently close his Instagram account. If you want to delete an Instagram account, you must use a specific link to delete the IG account permanently. There is no such deletion option in the Instagram application for everyone to use. This delete link is not limited to deleting the account on the computer version. The mobile device connected to this URL can permanently delete your account on Instagram.

But here is a special reminder that, according to the official Instagram instructions, after deleting the account, You cannot register again with the same username or add it to another existing account, and we cannot reactivate the account. So after deleting your account, your account cannot be rescued, and the account must be deleted by logging in yourself. No one else (such as your parents) can delete the account for you. So please think twice before deleting your IG account!

If you only want to deactivate your Instagram account temporarily, please refer to

Step 1

No matter what device you use, directly connect to the Instagram account deletion page. The demonstration here to log in using the computer version, but the phone can used commonly after the actual test. After connecting, you will ask to log in to your account password.

Step 2

So, select the reason from the drop-down menu next to the “Why did you choose to delete the account?” password. And they have put forward related problem solutions for each deletion reason. They are pretty considerate and practical. You can consider XD.

Step 3

After pressing “OK” to delete permanently, your account will delete permanently~

However, after pressing the button below, all your photos, comments, likes, friendship records and other data will permanently removed and cannot restore. If you decide to create another Instagram account in the future, you will not re-register with the same username.

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