The Most Durable Skate Shoes, how to buy

Best skate shoes

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Best skate shoes. There is no doubt that All-Star is Converse’s evergreen shoe. It first appeared as the signature shoe of professional basketball player Charles’ Chuck’ H. Taylor. In 1932, it commemorated the player’s contribution to the design and sales of the shoe. Converse began to add the classic All-Star round label to the ankle. It has a unique sales volume of more than 800,000,000 pairs worldwide, and skaters have been wearing this skateboard since the 1960s. It’s just that the outer material is canvas upper, which is less wear-resistant for skateboarding with too much sandpaper contact. Remember to wear and waste soon after sliding.

Nike SB: Best skate shoes

Nike SB is Nike’s professional skateboarding shoe series. The full name of SB is SKATEBOARDING, which is skateboarding.

Impressed, I remember the #nike sb blazer# milk that just went on the market that year was looted by the trendy people.↑

A pair of burgundy blazers low that was launched at the same time attracted my attention. The concise car line stitched two or three pieces of anti-fur, and neither fat nor thin shoe type evoked my desire to buy. Underdeveloped, so I asked my friend’s brother to buy the shoes from a particular channel. There is a Nike sb logo in the centre on the heel of the insole. Below is the zoom air cushion unit, which can buffer when the skateboard jumps to the ground. Strictly speaking, The above is my first pair of suede skateboard shoes. The wear resistance has updated my impression of skateboard shoes. I remember wearing these shoes to practice my first flipping action heelflip!

ES: Best skate shoes

This skate shoe brand was founded in 1995 and once had the best skaters in the world.

“Sal Barbier, Bob Burnquist, Ronnie Creager, Eric Koston, Chad Muska, Tom Penny and Paul Sharpe” formed the original eS team. I also spent a lot of effort buying a pair of new seasons from friends from other places. The appearance design of the shoes follows a consistent, complex structure, which guarantees the firmness and protection of the shoes. The contact area of ​​the sole is more significant, and the control slide is more stable. But the foot feel is average, and skaters who care about the foot feel can’t find the feeling on this pair of shoes. Remember to put them in the pile of old shoes after wearing them.

Another brand of the same parent company as es is America and Etnies, collectively referred to as 3e. America gave me an awe-inspiring experience. From the brand name, we can see that there is a solid American culture mixed in it. Replace the an of America with e. The homophonic brand name is straightforward to remember. I wore this shoe four times in a row for four months, and the last time I had both feet at the same time. This experience is too bad.

I don’t know if it was my movement problem or bad luck. Or the shoes are not suitable, and I have never worn this brand since then. Still, the brand also has first-line professional skaters in the United States, and a compelling team video is released every two or three years, so it is still skateboarding. There is a legendary brand with a unique style and a super team in the mind of the hand.

Etnies: Best skate shoes

Next, let’s talk about three e’s last brand, Etnies. I don’t know if they are the same parent company or why. They use almost the same structural design on the team model. The difference is that one is the outsourcing suede car line, and the other is fibre. The cloth strips are stitched together with two pieces of suede for the upper. Wearing Etnies is more comfortable than America, and the vulcanized sole with a rugged sole feels excellent for skateboarding.

And there is also a heel-filled silicone shock absorption design, which is a favourite for skaters. In addition to the first-line professional skaters, the brand also has a star skater, Ryan Sheckler, who was once a famous Hollywood child star and had high skateboarding talents and skills. He is the male god in the hearts of a generation of skateboarders. In a certain sense, Etnies Popularity and his contribution are inseparable!

The prices of the above three brands are relatively medium, and the design and materials are good, making them the best choice for mass skaters.

VANS: Best skate shoes
Best skate shoes

Among the skateboarding shoes, I have to say the Vans brand. The Van Doren Brothers have been in the shoe industry since 1966, but it was not until 1976 that the Vans Company released the first pair of skateboarding shoes—the Vans #95, which is today’s Era…

The shoe was designed by Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta, the famous (Z-Boys) Zephyr Boys members of the 70s. The shoe has a collar padding at the ankle, and for the first time, its exclusive waffle-shaped outsole. Technology. The most popular ones are navy blue/red, navy blue/yellow, and beige/brown. Some skaters will recreate the shoes. Today, many skaters still enjoy the fun of skateboarding in the Era.

Vans is also the skateboard shoe brand I own the most, so I won’t list them all. In recent years, vans have continued promoting activities and holding skateboarding days in the Chinese skateboard market. There are many ways for skaters to obtain products through competitions or throwing prizes. I often participate in vans events and competitions, so the percentage of vans worn out in my home is worn out. Above 90 are all won, haha, this is also very lucky!

Best skate shoes

The most crucial turning point in skateboarding shoes is the birth of NIKE ZOOM STEFAN JANOSKI!

The design is inspired by the classic low-top skateboarding shoes, very artistic upper structure, and unique personality creativity. The combined upper brings you a soft and comfortable feeling, which can better meet the wear resistance of skateboards. The honeycomb structure midsole and ZOOM air cushion insoles firmly lock the feet, creating a first-class cushioning effect for the heel. The rubber belt design further enhances the wearing feeling and grip, and the classic herringbone pattern makes a perfect board touch for you and impresses all board friends with more exquisite skills!

The birth of this shoe marked the advent of the era of light and simple skate shoes. Since then, almost all shoes have cut the lace hole, lowered the upper, and reduced the thickness!

DCSHOECOUSA: Best skate shoes
Best skate shoes

Friends in the circle referred to as DC for short. Many girls look at the logo and think they look a lot like Chanel. DC is a very stylish skateboarding shoe brand. Once shooting skateboarding videos was the most costly and thoughtful, which has a significant impact on several of The skaters of the new generation, so it has a higher status in the eyes of skateboarders. DC has always been at the forefront of skateboard shoe manufacturing, constantly using new technology in new factory products to give skaters a better skateboarding experience.

Unfortunately, DC was not particularly easy to buy before, and I just wore this Trade↑.

It looks a bit like the Nike sb Janoski shoes introduced earlier, and it is also an obvious sign of the advent of the era of simple skateboarding shoes. Generally speaking, the wear resistance and shock absorption of DC are excellent. The sole rubber adds with a unique formula, which can rub against sandpaper on the skateboard or rough ground for a long time without violent wear. The upper made of suede or canvas, which is light and thin. Comfortable, not easily deformed, and fits the feet. And the overall shoe shape is excellent; the colour is rich, suitable for the student crowd to wear on a skateboard!


Last year, the rubber er-toe skateboard shoes returned to the field of vision of the skateboarding circle again. The reason was that after a clothing brand called huf increased the shoe production line, the retro shoes launched, with 1-2cm of shoe edge rubber extending upwards from the toe. The skaters often need to use their toes to make movements like it very much, which increases the wear resistance and extends the life of the shoes.

The brand’s soul skater Dylan Rieder was very sensational after his death in 2016. His signature shoes were once-fired to a high price, and the profits were all used for charity, which also made huf a unique style in the skateboarding circle. Brand! The material is lower than the quality of 3e skateboard shoes. It uses a slightly harder rubber, which is not ideal for the foot feel and the friction of the skateboard.

Moreover, the sole is stiff. I have cushioned insoles, but they still shock me. I have hurt the soles of my feet, but it is indeed very unique for ordinary skateboarding and wearing.