Effective Ways on How to Share Screen on Facetime


Sharing screens on Facetime can be a real difficulty at times. We all struggle with it at some point. In case you don’t have anybody to show you, then you can just get the instructions here. But before we start here, we need to know what Facetime is. 

Facetime is a video telephonic application created by Apple Inc for just apple products. It is not available in any Android phone as it is only created for apple products for customers to connect with each other. 

PlatformsiPhoneApple WatchiPadiPod touchMacintoshWeb application

It also has other features like facetime audio and walkie-talkie. 

 Sharing screen on facetime is really easy. You have to follow 3 basic steps. 

  • Start a FaceTime call.
  • Tap the Share Content button.
  • Tap Share My Screen.

Now different phones might have different settings. We are mainly gonna describe the settings of Mac and iphones, because facetime is not available for any other device other than apple products. 

How to share screen on facetime

How to share screen on facetime in Iphone

  • After you invite a person on a facetime call, tap the screen so that the control bar pops out. Then locate the sharing icon which looks like screen behind a person and tap on it. 
  • Tap on share my screen and a black screen will appear with 3 seconds countdown on it. Once the countdown is over your initials will appear on the black screen. 
  • Swipe up the phone to share home screen and select the files, app or documents you wanted to show. You can also open a browser page and show them.
  • By default your screen will appear as a third small screen on their phone and they can tap on it to enlarge. 
  • You can still see the other person in an inset window and you have the option to move it around. 
  • To end the screen sharing without ending the call tap the active call icon in the upper left and then tap on screen sharing icon again. 

How to takeover screen sharing from a person?

  In case of an iPhone, tap to bring up FaceTime controls. And in case of an iPad, tap for the menu bar to pop up then tap the green FaceTime icon.

  Next, tap the icon SharePlay, which looks like a person with two arcs behind him.

  Tap on Share My Screen.

  A pop-up window will appear and ask you if you want to replace the current screen. Tap on Replace Existing.

  Other callers will see a black screen with your initials until you swipe up and select an app from your home page.

How to share screen on facetime
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How to share screen on facetime using MAC                                   

Now for people who prefers laptop and is using facetime for mostly professional purpose, this section is very useful for them. It is almost the same, you start by initiating a facetime call.

  • Hover over the window to make the control bars pop. 
  • Click the share screen icon. 
  • Here you get two options. Either you can share a window or your entire screen. Choose the convenient one. 
  • If you’ve selected window then you have to hover over and select a specific window. 
  • If you have clicked on share entire screen then select the screen that pops up.
  • In case you have more than one monitor then select on whichever screen you want to share.

How to stop sharing screen on facetime using MAC

  • In the exact same way as ipad, click on share screen again. 
  • A window will open from your menu bar at the top of the screen with option to whether you want to switch to window share, screen share or end screen sharing. Click Cancel, then click Stop Sharing Screen.

There was one huge problem discovered in 2019. The facetime application could be bugged by another user. One can eavesdrop in others life activities without the person noticing. Although it came up in news on 2019 January, but the bug was discovered by a Arizona school boy and his mom a long ago. They tried to notify Apple but got pretty much zero response. But after this turned out to be a global issue, Apple has promised to take care of the bug.

How to share screen on facetime

There are multiple replacements for Facetime which is accessible from an android phone too. 

  • Facebook Messenger.
  • Google Duo
  • Google meet
  • JioMeet
  • JusTalk
  • Signal Private Messenger
  • Skype
  • Snapchat
  • Viber

Conclusive Insight

Although few of these apps do not give the screen share option most of these does and are heavily used in upscale marketing companies. In case you’re planning on setting a meeting, Google Meet is most recommended. The screen-sharing process is almost the same.