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How to remove blackheads on the nose?

How to remove blackheads on the nose. What are blackheads, how are they eliminated and treated, and how are they prevented. Here are the best natural remedies for this common blemish.

There are many natural remedies against blackheads  – also known as comedones –  those unpleasant blemishes that can arise in puberty and adulthood.

They are attributable to some types of the epidermis (the mixed and acneic one) that do not breathe well, thus leading to the accumulation of sebum and obstruction of the hair follicle.

It is, in fact, an excess of sebum that clogs the pore and oxidizes in contact with the air, becoming black. Blackheads are mainly present on the nose, chin, and forehead. In other words, in the classic T-zone, where sebum production is the most important.

To avoid resorting to expensive specific cosmetics to deal with the onset of blackheads, it is possible to count on some simple natural remedies against blackheads. Let’s find them all!

How to remove blackheads on the nose Naturally.

Take note if you tend to develop blackheads (eyes whose enlarged pores and shiny skin are a wake-up call) both in one area (chin, nose, and forehead) and all over the face.

Some operations are necessary to avoid the formation of black points and therefore are purely for preventive purposes.

How to remove blackheads on the Nose

Unlike pimples, which are often hormonal in origin, blackheads are fatty deposits accumulated in the pores of the skin, which take on this color because they oxidize when they come into contact with bacteria and air.

The first mistake not to make is to try to remove them with your nails: it can aggravate the situation, promoting the infection, and end up with sometimes indelible scars. Better to resist the temptation and, instead, go for natural solutions. Here are the two steps to follow to get rid of the evil blackheads.

1) Open the pores

Once a week, it is good to perform a deep cleansing of the skin. First, you need to dilate the pores with steam and then cleanse the skin.

To do this, you can bring water to a boil in a saucepan with a few bay leaves and expose the skin of the face to direct steam by placing a towel on your head. Dry your face by gently dabbing with a towel.

2) Purify the skin

The skin is now ready to be cleaned. All that remains is to look for your favorite natural remedy for face cleansing.

Clean the skin with lemon

This citrus is magical: essential for disinfecting and removing blackheads. It not only serves as a necessary ingredient for every treatment but can also be used alone, pure, to achieve deep cleansing of the skin.

Purify with tomato

Cut into slices, arrange the head horizontally and place the pieces on the face until it is completely covered. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. The descaling and disinfecting properties of the tomato will help shrink the skin and limit the appearance of blackheads. Finally, rinse with warm water and pat your face with a towel.

Cleanse with egg white

It can use in a light mask to soothe the skin. Whisk an egg white until stiff and add a few drops of lemon.

Please apply to the face, paying particular attention to the T-zone, leave it on for 15 minutes, and rinse gently.

Exfoliate with baking soda

The exfoliating action of baking soda is very effective against blackheads—mix two tablespoons with the juice of 1/2 lemon to form a thick paste. Please apply to the areas to treat and let it sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

This crepe at every day for one week to see the first results.

Purify and feed with yogurt

If you are afraid that tomato and baking soda will attack your sensitive skin, choose the yogurt mask instead.

Mix 2 tablespoons of whole white yogurt (also vegetable) with 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice, spread the mask on your face, and leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse with hot water and admire the result!

Facial blackhead scrub

To thoroughly cleanse your face, you can do a scrub once a week, more or less aggressive depending on skin type.

It will help you renew the skin, sweeping away sebum and various impurities, which are then those that lurk in the dilated pore obstructing it and thus causing the blackhead to arise.

Honey, sugar, and lemon scrub

A good solution consists of a scrub made from honey, brown sugar, and lemon. Then rinse your face using warm water and dry it with a microfibre cloth. Finally, apply cream to moisturize the look nicely. Remember that this is still an excellent natural remedy, especially in summer and before shaving.

The recipe is this:

  • Two teaspoons of  brown sugar
  • Two tablespoons of  honey
  • One teaspoon of lemon juice

Preparation.  Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then massage the face with the paste for a few minutes, avoiding the eye and lip contours. Rinse with warm water.
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