Joe Keery Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Joe Keery Net Worth

That famous “Stranger Thing” star Joe Keery has been on search ever since the drama series has gone viral. If you’re a Netflix freak you must be curious about Joe Keery and his earnings from the series. Let’s find out Joe Keery Net Worth in this article.

Who is Joe Keery?

Joe Keery, an American actor. He is also known as a singer. Joe was born in the United States on 24th April, 1992. Joe completed his formal education from DePaul University. His most well-known performance was as a key character in the acclaimed Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

Joe Keery Net Worth

Additionally, Joe Keery is a part of the group Post Animal. The group was established in 2014, and their “When I Think of You in a Castle” is their first studio album. It was published in 2020 as “Forward Motion Godyssey.” The band’s “Post Animal Perform The Most Curious Water Activities” EP was published in 2015.

 Key Points to Know About Joe Keery


Full Name Joseph David Keery
Birth 24 April 1992, Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States.
Education Newburyport High School, DePaul University (BFA)
Occupation Actor, Musician
Net Worth $10 Million USD
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Parents David Keery, Nina Keery
Relationship status Single


How Much is Joe Keery Net Worth?

The popular American actor and musician Joe Keery has won fans over with his performance as “Steve Harrington” in the hit series “Stranger Things.” Joe Keery, who is 31 years old. He has made a big impact on the entertainment world. His accomplishment, which has earned him a net worth of $10 million, is a result of his talent and diligence.

Early Life

Joe Keery was born on 24th of April in 1992, in Newburyport, United States. He has always been passionate towards acting. Joe’s father, David was an architect and his mother Nina was an English professor. He went to DePaul University’s Theatre School in Chicago, where he developed his abilities and obtained useful experience in theatrical plays.

Stand-Up Career: Major Source behind Joe Keery Net Worth

Upon his graduation, Keery gave more than a hundred different positions an audition. In 2015, he appeared in the television series “Sirens” for the first time in a film. Then he made an appearance in Fox’s drama series as Tony Trichter III “Empire”. It was a musical television Series.

Joe Keery was cast as Steve Harrington in 2016 in the Netflix drama series “Stranger Things.” It’s a science fiction horror drama set in the 1980s. This was his breakthrough role. The show’s wildly popular first season, which debuted in July 2016, had Steve play a recurrent role before he transitioned into a major one for the second season, which debuted in October 2017.

Joe Keery Net Worth

He appeared in a number of other TV shows, including “Chicago Fire,” “No Activity,” “Death to 2020,” and “Death to 2021.” Keery has additionally made appearances in independent films including

Stranger Things

Keery received the majority of his wealth from the “Stranger Things” Netflix series. In the first season, he supposedly made $10,000 for each episode, while in the second, he made $30,000 for each episode.

His pay for each episode rose to $250,000 for the third season. He also received a guarantee for $250,000 per episode, or $2.25 million per season, for the fourth season.

Music Career

Keery is also known as a musician. He has followed his passion for music. He was a guitarist and vocalist in the indie rock band “Post Animal”. Keery actively participated in the sound and performances of the band. The band was founded in 2015. Together, they have published a number of albums and EPs. Some of his albums are: Twenty Twenty, When I Think of You in a Castle, The Garden Series, etc.

Personal Life

Joe Keery is renowned for maintaining a low level of privacy in his personal life, yet there are plenty of rumors.


Joe has a history of relationships with Natalia Dyer, a well-known actress who is most known for being a cast member of the science fiction horror series Stranger Things. It is known that Joe has never been married or engaged.

Even though Joe is currently single, he had a long-term relationship with actress and director Maika Monroe.


What is Steve Harrington’s net worth?

Joe Keery, who starred as Steve Harrington in “Stranger Things” has a net worth of $10 Million USD.

How much does Joe Keery have?

Joe Keery’s net worth is $10 Million USD in 2023

Who is Steve Harrington’s girlfriend?

Nancy Wheeler is Steve’s girlfriend in “Stranger Things”.

Final Thoughts

Joe is a multi talented and hard working person. Despite his expertise in acting and music, he also worked as a waiter in his early life to make a living. This teaches us a lot about being down to earth and diligent. Joe Keery Net Worth is the result of his hard work.