Brandon Sanderson Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Brandon Sanderson Net Worth

Brandon Sanderson is tremendously famous in fictional writing. Whether it’s science fiction or fantasy, his novels or webcomics, he is one of the fan-favorite authors. With his widespread fame, he is also a millionaire writer. So what’s Brandon Sanderson net worth? And how did his writing career start? This article provides you with everything.

Who is Brandon Sanderson?

American writer Brandon Winn Sanderson is hugely popular for his fantasy and science fiction writings. He is widely famous for the Mistborn series, one of his fantasy novels, based on the Cosmere universe. Besides Cosmere, he has written so many other fictional and fantasy series.

Brandon Sanderson Net Worth

The “Stormlight Archive” series, another series in Sanderson’s works, has also got popularity among fans. To date, the writer has reportedly sold over 18 million copies worldwide in 2020. And the following year, it was added to by three million more.

Full Name Brandon Winn Sanderson
Born December 19, 1975 (age 47)
Birthplace Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.
Nationality American
Profession Author
Social Media Facebook, Twitter
Net Worth $6 Million

What is Brandon Sanderson Net Worth?

Sanderson is one of the most successful American writers. As of 2023, the fiction novelist owns nearly $6 million in net worth. And most of his earning comes from his writing career. Seeling over millions of his writing copies, no wonder he has amassed these millions of earnings.

Early Life

Born in December 1975, Brandon Sanderson hails from Lincoln, Nebraska. He was the oldest of four siblings. When he was a teenager, he really enjoyed reading fantasy stories with lots of magic and adventure. In fact, he tried writing his own stories, imagining exciting worlds and characters.

After finishing his high school studies, Brandon went to Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah. At first, he studied biochemistry. But later, he realized that he loved stories more than science and decided to learn about English literature instead.

Taking a break from his studies in 1995, he traveled to South Korea to help the people there. After two years, Brandon came back to BYU and started learning even more about stories. He used to work at a hotel during the night.

In 2000, Brandon proudly finished his studies and got a degree in English. He got his Master’s degree in English in 2004. While he was at BYU, he also helped make a magazine called Leading Edge with his stories.

Writing Career: Source Behind Brandon Sanderson Net Worth

Career Beginning

Sanderson’s journey as a writer started during his time at university. He wrote stories alongside his studies, and by 2003, he had written twelve novels. Despite his efforts, no publisher had accepted his works for publishing at that time.

Brandon Sanderson Net Worth

In the middle of his studies at BYU, a publisher called Tor Books got in touch with him. They were interested in his sixth novel, “Elantris,” which he had submitted a year and a half earlier. This marked a turning point for Sanderson, as “Elantris” received quite positive reviews.

Mistborn Series and Major Writings

Following the success of “Elantris,” Sanderson introduced the “Mistborn” series in 2006. Its first book was “Mistborn: The Final Empire.” These books introduced readers to a world where special people known as “allomancers” can do extraordinary things by using metals.

Sanderson’s storytelling continued with books like “The Well of Ascension” in 2007. And “Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians” in the same years.

In 2008, Sanderson concluded the “Mistborn” series with “The Hero of Ages”. But he continued the “Alcatraz” series with “Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener’s Bones.” That same year, he launched a new endeavor by starting the “Writing Excuses” podcast. It was to help aspiring writers.

However, Sanderson’s most significant moment came in 2007. He was chosen to complete Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series, “The Wheel of Time.” It was due to the writes early death. This was such a great honor and responsibility.

The first book Sanderson contributed to the series, “The Gathering Storm,” was published in 2009. The next book was “Towers of Midnight.” The series concluded with “A Memory of Light” in 2013, bringing closure to a beloved saga.

Sanderson’s creativity knew no bounds. And he continued to write a variety of stories. For example, in 2009, he introduced “Warbreaker.” A book that he initially shared on his website while he was writing it. He also kept young readers entertained with the “Alcatraz” series. The same year, he released “Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystallia”.

Further Success

With “The Stormlight Archive” series, Sanderson went on yet another epic journey in 2010. This was basically the beginning of a ten-book journey through an expansive fantasy world. He also kept expanding his genre, writing novellas like “Legion” and “The Emperor’s Soul”.

Not just these, but Sanderson’s storytelling extended to young adult audiences as well. He created new series like “The Rithmatist” and “The Reckoners.” These too were so captivating that readers loved the stories. “Words of Radiance” followed in 2014, and in 2020, he released “Rhythm of War.”


As time passed, Sanderson’s popularity grew, and his books sold millions of copies. His “Cosmere” series caught the attention of DMG Entertainment for potential adaptations into movies and TV shows.

Sanderson’s influence extended beyond his books. He started podcasts, worked on video game lore, and even secretly wrote books during the pandemic.


Who finished Wheel of Time?

After Robert Jordan’s early death in 2007, Brandon Sanderson completed the book six years later.

What was the first book Brandon Sanderson wrote?

The first book Brandon Sanderson wrote is “Elantris.”

How many books does Brandon Sanderson sell a year?

According to Sanderson, he can sell between 300k and 800K copies, in the US alone, in the first year

How much money did Brandon Sanderson make on Kickstarter?

Brandon’s campaign, Kickstarter, raised over $41.7 million from more than 185K backers in 2022.

Final Thoughts

Brandon Sanderson net worth proves how much popularity he has gained from his writing. With his Cosmere universe, he is now a highly-demanded fiction writer.