How to clean the TV screen?

How to clean the TV screen?

To watch and enjoy your favorite show on your HD TV, you need a clean, dust-free, and fingerprint-free screen;n otherwise you feel irritation in watching your favorite show, and you cannot see clearly on the Tv screen. So it is essential to keep the screen of your TV clean. Modern television screens are made with special glass and coatings that can be destroyed by any strong cleaners and can ruin the colors. No matter what type of tv you have, you just need a dry microfiber cloth or a towel and mild glass cleaners.

How to clean LED, LCD, and OLED TVs?

Initially, clean the dust on the TV with a dry and soft cloth. After this, clean the spotted smudges on the screen with a slightly moist wipe until it looks shiny and clean. Make sure that you do not clean the screen tightly. You should clean it gently. Clean the back of the tv and buttons with a microfiber duster or cloth to keep it dust-free and clean as new. If your device has a plasma screen made with glass and an anti-glare coating that may damage with potent cleaning agents, its screen should be cleaned by following the same method you used to clean LEDs and OLEDs screen.

How to clean cathode ray tube television?

Cleaning the screen of a cathode ray tube television is similar to cleaning a mirror in your home. You will need a microfiber cloth or a wipe and a glass cleaner or spray.

Slightly Moist the microfiber cloth with water and sprinkle some glass cleaner on it. Clean the dust on the screen and any debris or fingerprints marks. Dry the screen with the help of a dry cloth or paper towel.

How to clean the remote control of the TV?

First of all, remove the batteries from the remote control. Take a moisturized wipe and clean the surface of the remote control and all around the buttons. Clean both sides of the remote and clean the narrow spaces around the buttons with great care. Let it dry, and then replace the batteries in the remote back.

How to keep the TV clean?

  1. Always keep a microfiber cloth near the television to remove any dust, fingerprints, and film as soon as possible. Moreover, Clean your TV every week to prevent dust and fingerprints from building up and become difficult to remove.
  2. Never spray on TV directly. First of all, turn the TV off and then clean not spray in a large amount because any excess spray may get into the system and damage its functions. 
  3. Always remember the manufacturer’s advice and guidance to clean your TV and prevent any damage that can harm your TV.
  4. Do not use cleaning agents that contain chemicals like alcohol, ammonia, and acetone because these products can harm your TVs system.
  5. Always use a soft dusting brush and microfiber cloth to keep the dust away from the TVs screen and gently clean the screen. Please do not rub it hard as it can cause harm to your device.

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