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8 km to mi


The unit of measurement, the kilometer, belongs to the international system of units and is used in many countries. In the following article, we get to know about 8 km to mi So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys. A kilometer is denoted `by km. One thousand meters is equal to 1 kilometer.

Miles 8 km to mi

A mile is a unit of length and belongs to Anglo American system of measurement. The mile is used in the united kingdom, Canada, and the Caribbean. In America, miles are used instead of kilometers to measure the distance of countries, towns, and cities. We also noticed that the American and Uk car speedometer show the distance in meters.    It is denoted by mi.

 In Latin, the unit of measurement is called Mille Passuum. The mile is equivalent to a thousand double steps Roman soldiers took in full uniform during the march. This unit was first used in ancient Rome to measure the length of the path. 8 km to mi Until the metric system appeared in the world, the mile was used everywhere, and in some countries, this unit has been preserved.

Conversion between miles and kilometer

If you calculate miles and kilometers, you will now find the formulas for both starting values:

Determine the number of miles from kilometers

Kilometers / 1.60934 Determine

number of kilometers from miles

Mile * 1.60934

1-kilometer km is equivalent to 0.62137 miles mi.


Conversion of 8 km to mi

8 km= 4.970miles



8*0.62137=4.970 miles 


Conversion chart of km into mi.

Kilometer  miles
7.2km 4.474
7.3km 4.536
7.4km 4.598
7.5km 4.66
7.6km 4.722
7.7km 4.785
7.8km 4.847
7.9km 4.909
8km 4.971
8.1km 5.033
8.2km 5.095
8.3km 5.157
8.4km 5.22
8.5km 5.282
8.6km 5.344
8.7km 5.406
8.8km 5.468


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