The Richest Tech Companies On The Planet


Over the past few decades, the rate of technology growth has been unprecedented, with almost every aspect of human life now having an accompanying piece of technology that makes it easier and more optimized. 

Technology has also spread into almost every corner and crevasse of the world economy, with some even arguing that the tech industry is no longer a standalone industry, as every single company around the world relies on and develops tech in its own unique way. 

There are, however, a few companies that have worked hard to drive the tech world to where it is today. These companies are generally considered to be some of the most valuable and rich companies on the planet.


Apple has been a pioneer in the growth and evolution of worldwide technology ever since the tech industry was still in its infancy stages. This company has been there from the get-go and has not stood around being idle and taking ideas from other, more successful companies. No, Apple is the company that many other tech businesses from around the world look to for inspiration for any kind of device. 

From smartphones that you can enjoy live casino roulette online on, to televisions, computers, and much more, Apple has always looked to innovate on ideas that may have already been invented, or go ahead and invent something brand new, from scratch. 

Apple is now considered the most valuable company on the planet and nothing seems to be coming to steal that spot away from the American tech giant. Apple is currently also eon of the most profitable companies in the world reporting billions in revenue each and every year. 


Microsoft is perhaps the biggest threat to Apple’s crowned number-one spot in terms of the biggest tech companies in the world. Apple and Microsoft have been in stiff competition for years now as both were there from the inception of the tech industry. 

In fact, it could be argued that the four decades long competition that existed between these two companies, and between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates specifically is what lead to an increased rate of innovation and evolution in all of the technology that we currently see around us today. 

Microsoft can however take solace in that they are factually the number one software company in the world, which makes sense, especially when you consider just how many people rely on Windows as a computer operating system.


Oracle, while not quite on the same level as Apple and Microsoft, has also been a huge innovative influence in the world of tech, since the company was established back in 1977. Today Oracle is one of the world’s biggest creators and providers of computer and smart device software. What has made this company stick around for so long, and go from success to success, has been the fact that they have been able to adapt and change with the times.