The Best Time to Visit Norway for Spectacular Scenery: From Northern Lights to Midnight Sun

best time to visit Norway

Have you ever wanted to travel to Norway to see its breathtaking scenery? Do you have a vacation to Norway in mind? Knowing the best time to visit Norway and what this amazing nation offer is crucial. Norway has extraordinary natural beauty, with features like the hypnotic midnight sun, fjords, mountains, and the magnificent Northern Lights. With so much to see and discover, determining the best time to visit Norway can be challenging. Fortunately, there are several periods of the year when travellers seeking a singular and distinctive experience can enjoy the stunning scenery.


You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking the best time to visit Norway and experience everything it offers. This post will describe when it’s best to book a trip and what to expect from each season’s sights.


Best Time to Visit Norway According to weather considerations


Summer (June-August)

Norway is most frequently visited during the summer, and it is simple to understand why. The ideal time to experience the nation’s varied outdoor activities is when the weather is moderate, and there are long days with up to 20 hours of daylight. Throughout the summer, Norway offers various adventures, including biking, kayaking, and hiking. The lengthy days are also an excellent opportunity for tourists to visit some of Norway’s most well-known sights, such as the Geirangerfjord and Trolltunga.

Norway’s cities and towns are best explored during the summer. The better weather makes it possible to eat outside, and several festivals and events, such as the Bergen International Festival, occur during this period. The summer season is also the busiest because many visitors come to Norway to enjoy the pleasant weather and lengthy days. As a result, lodging and activity costs may be higher than at other times of the year, and popular destinations may be busy.


Fall (September-November)

For those who wish to see the breathtaking autumn foliage fall and avoid crowds, October is the perfect time to visit Norway. It’s the ideal time to travel to Norway’s cities and towns because the weather is more accommodating but lovely, with fewer visitors. This is also when tourists can see the Northern Lights, with September and October being the ideal times.

An excellent time to try some of Norway’s well-known dishes, such as smoked salmon and reindeer stew, is in the fall. This is the season when many of the nation’s culinary events take place, including the Bergen Food Festival and the Trndelag Food Festival. But it’s important to remember that the weather can be erratic during the fall months, with the risk of rain and severe gusts.


Winter (December-February)

With snowy scenery, the Northern Lights, and various winter sports, winter in Norway is truly magical. Visitors can engage in multiple wintertime sports, including skiing, snowboarding, and dog sledging. The cities and towns are also transformed into winter wonderlands with Christmas markets and other festive events.

It’s crucial to pack properly if you intend to visit Norway in the winter. Since it can be below freezing, wearing warm clothes, including thermal layers and waterproof boots, is crucial. It’s also important to remember that there are fewer daylight hours during the winter, with some regions just getting a handful each day. Although many travel companies offer guided excursions to boost your chances of seeing this natural wonder, this also increases the likelihood of seeing the Northern Lights.

best time to visit Norway

Spring (March-May)

With longer days and more comfortable temperatures, spring is a season of regeneration in Norway. As the snow melts, luscious greenery and breathtaking waterfalls emerge. This is a must-visit season for those who enjoy the outdoors because it’s a terrific time to see whales and birds migrating. During this season, visitors can also take advantage of the Midnight Sun, when the sun doesn’t set for days on end, making for an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

An excellent time to experience Norway’s cultural offerings is in the spring when events like the Bergen International Festival and the Oslo Chamber Music Festival occur. Worthwhile


The Best time to visit Norway to witness Natural beauty and Spectacular Scenery


Northern Lights

September through April are the greatest for viewing the northern lights in Norway. The nights are sufficiently dark during these months to view the lights and the likelihood of a straightforward sky increases. One of the most significant sites to observe the Northern Lights is in the Troms area, and several tour companies provide guided tours to maximise your chances of seeing them.


Midnight Sun

The most fantastic time to travel to Norway to see the Midnight Sun is from late May until mid-July. The sun doesn’t set now, creating a singular and remarkable experience. The Lofoten Islands and Troms in northern Norway are the most incredible spots to see the Midnight Sun.

best time to visit Norway


The most incredible time to explore Norway’s famous fjords is in the summer, when you should go. Visitors may get a fresh perspective of the fjords thanks to boat cruises and kayaks made possible by the warmer weather. Two of the most well-known fjords are the Geirangerfjord and the Naeryfjord, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Waterfalls and Glaciers

The summer months, from June to August, are the finest times to visit Norway to see waterfalls and glaciers. Due to the melting snow and ice that feeds the rivers and streams that cascade over the cliffs, Norway’s waterfalls are at their most spectacular during this time. While many of Norway’s glaciers are situated in remote mountainous regions that can be challenging to access during the winter, the summer is also the best time to see them.



Norway’s breathtaking views will take your breath away at any time of year that you decide to travel there. Your interests and the kinds of experiences you’re looking for will determine the best time to visit Norway.  You can take advantage of the Midnight Sun in the summer or the breathtaking Northern Lights in the winter. Norway has much to offer year-round, whether you want to see the Northern Lights or experience the Midnight Sun.