Is Ratatouille on Netflix?

Is Ratatouille on Netflix

As of 2023, Ratatouille is not available for streaming on Netflix in any country.

Ratatouille is the beloved animated film released in 2007 by Pixar Animation Studios. The movie has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its heartwarming story, delightful characters, and celebration of the culinary arts.

However, fans continue to wonder where they can watch this charming tale of ambition and friendship unfold.

In this article, we’ll explore where you can watch Ratatouille. Also, we will delve into the various streaming platforms where you can relish the magic of this culinary adventure.

Availability of Ratatouille on Netflix

Ratatouille is not available for streaming on Netflix in the United States or any other countries. This absence might have been disappointing for those who hoped to enjoy the culinary journey of Remy and Linguini through their Netflix subscriptions. However, streaming platforms can change over time due to negotiations, expiring contracts, and other factors.

Netflix often makes announcements about new additions to its library and titles that are leaving the platform. The search feature on Netflix can also help you determine whether the film has become available.

However, if “Ratatouille” is unavailable on Netflix, several other streaming platforms and options exist.

About Ratatouille

Pixar’s animated masterpiece, “Ratatouille,” serves up a heartwarming tale set against the backdrop of the culinary world. Remy, a rat with an extraordinary sense of taste and a passion for cooking, embarks on a remarkable journey in Paris.

Despite his rodent origins, he aspires to be a chef—a dream that seems impossible until he crosses paths with Linguini. However, Linguini is a young man stumbling into the world of gastronomy.

Is Ratatouille on Netflix

Bonded by their shared dreams, Remy and Linguini form an unusual partnership. Remy, hidden beneath Linguini’s chef’s hat, guides his movements to create culinary wonders that astonish patrons’ taste buds. Also, Remy helped him to win over the formidable food critic Anton Ego.

Amid their culinary triumphs, the story also weaves in themes of friendship, identity, and the pursuit of excellence.

Streaming Services That Offer Ratatouille

Several other popular platforms allow viewers to experience the culinary adventures of Remy and Linguini. Here’s a closer look at some of the platforms where you can enjoy “Ratatouille”:


Pixar Animation Studios, the creative powerhouse behind “Ratatouille,” is synonymous with captivating storytelling and dazzling animation. Pixar’s creations find their perfect home on Disney+ as a proud subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

However, this streaming platform has become a treasure trove of beloved animations, cherished classics, and original content. For fans, Disney+ offers a prime destination to relish every moment of “Ratatouille.”

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video, or Amazon Instant Video, has transformed how audiences experience movies and TV shows. This digital platform offers an extensive array of titles for rental and purchase, allowing viewers to tailor their movie-watching experience.

For those craving a taste of “Ratatouille,” Amazon Instant Video might offer the solution. You can enjoy Remy’s culinary endeavors by renting or purchasing the film.


Vudu, a prominent digital video service, is a digital haven for movie enthusiasts. By offering the option to rent, purchase, and stream films, Vudu provides a flexible and convenient way to access cinematic treasures.

Is Ratatouille on Netflix

If “Ratatouille” remains elusive on other platforms, Vudu might present an avenue to embark on Remy’s gastronomic adventure. Whether you rent or add the film to your digital library, Vudu offers a gateway to experience the magic of Pixar’s culinary masterpiece.

Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV invites viewers to explore an extensive library of movies and TV shows. By providing the option to buy or rent digital copies of titles, Google Play ensures that entertainment is readily accessible.

For fans yearning to witness Remy’s journey from an unconventional perspective, “Ratatouille” might be available for rental or purchase on this platform.


Apple’s iTunes Store has long been a haven for digital collectors and movie enthusiasts. With the option to purchase or rent digital copies of movies, iTunes offers a way to curate a personalized collection of cinematic gems.

If you’re an Apple user with an appetite for delightful animations, “Ratatouille” might grace the virtual shelves of iTunes. By purchasing or renting the film, you can embark on Remy’s journey to overcome challenges, embrace his unique talents, and stir up a culinary storm.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a destination for digital collectors and movie enthusiasts who seek to curate a personalized library of films. With the ability to purchase or rent movies, including “Ratatouille,” Apple TV allows you to enjoy your favorite cinematic treasures on various Apple devices.

By buying, you can own a digital copy of the film and watch it whenever the craving strikes. However, if you’re seeking a one-time cinematic rendezvous, renting allows you to savor the movie for a limited period, ensuring a delightful viewing experience.

YouTube Movies

YouTube’s Movies & Shows section transforms the popular video-sharing platform into a hub for cinematic pleasures. By offering buying and renting options, YouTube allows viewers to enjoy movies like “Ratatouille” at their convenience.

However, this user-friendly platform caters to those who wish to buy the film for future viewing or rent it for immediate entertainment. On the other hand, choosing to rent provides an excellent choice for immediate entertainment, delivering the heartwarming tale directly to your screen.

Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store welcomes movie enthusiasts to explore a selection of films available for buying and renting, including “Ratatouille.”


Whether you buy the film for a permanent place in your digital collection or rent it for a singular viewing, the Microsoft Store provides an avenue to access cinematic magic on various devices.


DIRECTV, a famous satellite and streaming service, offers viewers the option to enjoy “Ratatouille” through buying or renting. With its user-friendly interface and convenient access, DIRECTV allows you to select the option that aligns with your entertainment preferences, ensuring a memorable movie night.

AMC on Demand

AMC on Demand brings the magic of the movies to your screen, offering a variety of films for buying and renting. For those craving a taste of “Ratatouille,” this platform provides an opportunity to buy a digital copy for repeated enjoyment or rent it for a unique cinematic experience.

FAQs on Is Ratatouille on Netflix

Where can I watch “Ratatouille”?

While “Ratatouille” is not available on Netflix, you can find the film on other streaming platforms. Disney+, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Google Play Movies & TV, iTunes, YouTube Movies, Microsoft Store, DIRECTV, and AMC on Demand are some of the options where you might be able to rent or buy “Ratatouille.”

Can I buy or rent “Ratatouille” on streaming platforms?

Yes, you can! Many streaming platforms offer the option to buy or rent “Ratatouille.” Platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies & TV, and more provide both options.

Can I watch “Ratatouille” for free on any platform?

Ratatouille is not typically available for free streaming on most platforms due to its popular and copyrighted film status. However, if you subscribe to a platform like Disney+, the film might be included in your subscription package.


Ratatouille isn’t just an animated film. It’s a delectable journey that explores the nuances of passion, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams. As you embark on the quest to watch this heartwarming tale, you’ll find a plethora of options to choose from. However, Ratatouille is currently unavailable on Netflix. But other streaming platforms beckon you to dive into the culinary world of Remy and Linguini.