How to update drivers?

How to update drivers?

We are going to explain how to update Windows 10 drivers without downloading them manually automatically. Windows gives you all the features in the world to do these things since you do it with Windows Update, but it never hurts to remember.

You can do anything with Windows Update, the Windows 10 add-on responsible for operating system updates. It does them automatically, although you can also check for specific driver updates to update them manually. Well, I say by hand, but it is a press of a button and let Windows download and update the drivers without you having to do anything else.

Update the drivers from Windows Update

The first thing you should do is enter Windows settings. To do this, it is enough to click on the start menu and click on the gear icon. You also have access to the scenes in the Action Center. This is the column that appears on the right side of the screen when you click the icon on the far right of the system tray.

The Windows Settings window will open, which will show you the various sections that organize all of the options. Here you have to click on the Update & Security section. That’s what you will have below.

Once in Update and Security, automatically switch to the Windows Update section that appears first in the left column. Here’s the first to click the Check for Updates button and wait for Windows to detect and download the updates it needs.

The point is, Windows usually leaves driver updates aside unless they’re essential. To access it, after checking for updates, you will need to click the option to view optional updates, which will appear under the Check for Updates button.

Bottom Line

Once you are in the Optional Updates screen, you need to view the Driver Updates section. Drivers are drivers, and there may be several updates waiting for you. Here, select the driver updates you want and click Download and Install, the button that appears just below it.

Before you finish, let them know that you can also use some third-party tools that are also there to help keep the drivers updated. However, that already means downloading and updating other applications, and it is always easier to do so through Windows Update.

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