Explains how to delete (uninstall) avast

How to uninstall avast

Uninstall Avast: Unnecessary by being mixed with other free software is an obstacle. Still, the particularly harmful one is the pattern in which “security software” comes in without permission.

Wouldn’t it be nice if security could be strengthened? However, excessive defensive actions may cause the network to be disconnected, or the external equipment you usually use may become unusable, limiting the functions of your computer and making it useless.

“Avast (Avast Antivirus)” is also one of the annoying software that causes actual harm to your computer in such away. Also, there may be other problems, so you should remove them if installed on your computer as soon as possible.

We will explain about “avast” and how to delete it

What kind of software is “avast”?

“Avast” is software manufactured and distributed by a Czech software company, which itself can be used as security software.

However, it has problems such as “installed by being mixed with other free software,” “various functions of the personal computer cannot be used due to excessive defense behavior,” and “the manufacturer buys and sells personal information.”

In addition, Windows 10 has a security function called “Windows Security” in the initial state, so there is a situation that it is not necessary to bother to use “avast.”

Where did “avast” come from?

“Avast” is installed at the same time when another software is installed.

For a while, when I bought the manufacturer of a convenient software called “CCleaner,” I had a system to install it by tying it with this software. There were many cases where this unintentional install.

Since it is difficult to check all software globally, we may still affiliate with some unknown free software.

Currently, the only way to prevent the intrusion of “avast” is to read the text of the guide carefully when installing the free software and be careful not to check “Agree” or press the button for the item you disagree with.

Actual harm of “avast.”

The actual harm of “avast” is over-defense, which disconnects the network you usually use and bans the devices you have been operating due to strengthening security.

Moreover, users only feel that their computer suddenly became full of trouble because it installs without your knowledge.

When I tried installing it to create this article, I couldn’t use the fingerprint sensor built into my computer. This restores by removing “avast.”

At this point, I have to say that it is annoying software rather than security software.

The danger of “avast.”

Another danger of “avast” is the scandal of selling users’ personal information who used “avast” to other companies.

News site GIGAZINE: Free antivirus software “Avast” reveal that user data sell to Google and Microsoft.

Selling personal information of users who charge software and use it is an act of betraying trust by itself, but it is even more so if it is security software.

There is no problem if you delete it.

If you accidentally install “avast,” you can do the same with standard Windows functions, so you can safely delete it.

If you have “avast” installed, you will often see pop-ups with the title “avast,” so it’s easy to notice the installation.

From now on, I will explain the procedure for deletion.

How to remove (uninstall) “avast.”

I will explain the procedure for removing (called uninstalling) “avast.”

  1. Download the official “avast” removal tool
  2. First, download the removal tool (avastclear / uninstall utility) from the official website of “avast.”
  3. It seems strange to download more tools distributed by the manufacturer to eliminate the software you don’t need.
  4. However, since the security software profoundly relates to the Windows system and design does not stop functioning quickly, it cannot be erased by the general uninstall procedure (control panel application and function) (uninstallation work fails in the middle). It has the feature that it will do).
  5. Click the link “avastclear.exe” on the site.
  6. If your browser is Microsoft Edge, a file download window will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  7. (The guidance  also displays at the bottom and center of the screen on other browsers.)
  8. Click the triangle next to Save and click Save As
  9. This time, for the sake of clarity, select the desktop and save it.
  10. Uninstall using the downloaded file
  11. Click the downloaded file to start the uninstallation
  12. If left, the uninstallation is likely to fail, so it is necessary to execute it in safe mode.
  13. For the image question, click “Yes,” as we will proceed as recommended.
  14. Do you want to reboot? Also, click “Yes.”
  15. This should restart automatically, but sometimes nothing happens.
  16. In that case, restart Windows by yourself by clicking the Start button → Power → Restart.

Work after restarting Windows (safe mode) to uninstall avast

  • When Windows continues, you will see a strange screen with more prominent characters and icons than usual.
  • This state is safe mode.
  • A window called “Inquiry” will appear in the foreground, but there is no problem this time, even if you do not connects to the net so that this window will close.
  • Then, a window called Avast Uninstall Tool display in the back.
  • Click “Uninstall.”
  • The work will proceed as it is, and it will be complete.
  • Click “Restart your computer.”
  • If it does not restart automatically, restart Windows by clicking the Start button → Power → Restart.

Check Windows security to uninstall avast.

  • After restarting, “avast”  disappears, and I think the Windows screen restore.
  • Click the “Windows Security” icon in the taskbar.
  • If you open the Windows security screen and wait for a while, each item will check in green to indicate safety, and you can confirm that it is safe even without “avast.”
  • If the green check does not appear after hours, there may be another problem, so pleaplease get in touch with usividually.

Delete “avast clear.” to uninstall avast

  • Delete the used “avastclear” file.
  • Then click the Start button → Windows System Tools → Run.
  • Enter “msconfig” in the Run screen and click OK.
  • “Msconfig” is a hidden screen where you can play with Windows maniac settings.
  • This time, select “Boot,” and if there is “avast (Avast Antivirus Clear Uninstall),” set it and “Delete.”
  • Please note that if you accidentally erase “Windows 10”, it will be a big deal.
  • Click OK after removing “avast.”
  • For the next question, click “Restart.”
  • It will restart automatically, so the deletion of “avast clear” is complete when you return to the original screen.

What to do if you cannot uninstall: 

If an error display during uninstallation and you cannot remove it, please use “Revo Uninstaller,” forcibly uninstalled.

Security software should scrutinize and use.

Security software interferes with various Windows systems and functions and sometimes has substantial authority to disconnect the network as a defense or prohibit the use of other software or devices.

That is why “avast,” which invades without the user’s knowledge and behaves unintentionally, is unreliable as security software.

Of course, security is essential. When you purchase a computer, either decide on one reliable software and install it or check the Windows security screen that comes standard with Windows frequently.

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