How to sharpen scissors

How to sharpen scissors

Scissors are a cutting instrument that contains a pair of linked metal blades so that the edges meet and cut materials when handles are gathered. How to sharpen scissors People use them for cutting many different materials like sheet metal, newspaper, rope, fabric, cable, or metal foil. 

It’s always been an irritating experience whenever anyone fails to cut anything because of dull scissors. Scissors are not expensive household items, and anyone can buy new ones, but it’s not wise to keep wasting money over a new pair of scissors when it is possible to sharpen the old ones. No matter what, scissors will eventually lose their sharp edges because of consistent use. 

Tips to sharpen any pair of dull scissors 

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to sharpen scissors which anyone can do quite easily at home since it requires some common household items and a little bit of practice. Some of the useful tips to sharpen dull scissors are as follows: 

Stone Sharpening

  • The first step is to Get a Sharpening Stone which will be available at any hardware store. 
  • Use a rougher side of the stone and then a fine side to finalize the sharpening. 
  • Put a towel beneath the sharpening stone and use water or oil to cream it. 
  • Remove the bolt and separate the blades. Hold the handle of the scissors blade and drag it over the stone for 2-3 minutes. It is mandatory to Rerun the operation precisely until both blades are sharpened.
  • Use a paper towel to clean the blades and wipe off stone scraps that may have piled on the blades all through sharpening.

Sharpen Scissors With a Dremel

  • Take apart the scissor blades, put them into the vise with the sharp end turned outside, and Put the disc into a Dremel to initiate the process.
  • Control the Dremel versus the top of the scissors blade and maintain the angle of 10°. 
  • Continue the process along the length of the scissors at that angle till the entire edge is sharp.
  • In the end, Take out the scissor blade from the vise and Mount the blades by screwing them together again.

Sandpaper Scissors Sharpening

  • Acquire medium-grit sandpaper and Bend it fifty-fifty, with the rough sides turned outside. 
  • Now cut through sandpaper about 15 times, and the blades will become sharper with every piece of cutting. 
  • This method is suitable if the scissors aren’t extremely dull. In Addition, it is also helpful for taking off the cuts and kerfs.

Scissors Sharpening with Aluminum Foil

  • Take a bit of aluminum foil which must be 10-15 inches long. Bend it in length several times to have a fold and a tick foil.
  • Cut ribbons of this foil with scissors. It helps you to sharpen the blades a lot by cutting many small ribbons of aluminum.
  • Use a paper towel to wipe off any aluminum remains on the blades. 

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Use Special Scissor Sharpener

  • Specialized scissor Sharpeners are safer and easily accessible for use. They possess the power to sharpen the two blades instantly. 
  • Separate the blade and put its inner side in the knife sharpener. Drag the blades over a sharpener about 10 times one by one until you get the sharp edge.

Use Alcohol

  • Alcohol serves as a cleansing agent and keeps the scissors sharp and functional.
  • Dip the paper towel in isopropyl alcohol and Clean both blades thoroughly.