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How to share google calendar?

How to Share a Google Calendar Step by Step!

Share a Calendar from Google It’s a great way to keep others informed of corporate events, deals, or our plan. We can even share it with our partner, colleague, friend, etc. Whatever the reason, the only thing that matters is that it’s straightforward, and a little below, we’ll show you how to share it with specific people or publicly.

Share a google calendar.

It is currently possible to share from the web. to configure google calendar. You cannot do this through the mobile device application. Hence, we need to visit the Google Calendar website, sign in if we haven’t already, and follow the steps we leave you below to get them.

Once we are on the website, we first click on “Options,” these are the three items on the right side of the calendar that we want to share. We can share the calendar you want. After that, a new menu will appear, and we have to click on “Settings and Share.”

In the configuration part, we need to select the “Share with specific people” option in the left sidebar of the screen. Then we need to click on the “Add People” button on the right.

Dropdown Box

We need to add the email address or name of the people we want to share the calendar with. We can add multiple people. In the Permissions dropdown box, we need to give these people the appropriate permissions. This is something that you need to configure based on your preferences. When we’re done, all we have to do is click “Submit.” This sends an email invitation to the selected people, which they must accept to access it.

After that, we will return to the Settings screen, and we will be able to see everyone with whom we have shared the calendar. We can even use the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of each person we share the calendar with to change permissions.

How to make a calendar public on Google

Instead, when we want to share a calendar publicly. Then we have to do the following. As we show you a little above, we have to click on the calendar options we want to share. Then we have to select “Configuration and Sharing.”

We need to select “Access Permissions for Events” in the left sidebar in this new section. Now we’re going to check the box that says “Make it available to the public” on the right. We get a message that anyone can find and view the calendar. So we’re going to click “Accept” to continue. From the dropdown box on the right, we can select the people who access the calendar who have the permissions. Then we will receive a link to share this calendar everywhere: websites, social networks, WhatsApp, email, etc.

How to stop sharing a Google Calendar

If we no longer want to share a calendar, this is too easy. Let’s see how we should proceed a little further below.

Stop sharing with a specific person.

If you want to stop sharing with more specific people, we need to go to Settings and share> Share with Specific People. Now let’s look for that person and click the “X” on the right.

Stop sharing publicly

We’ll go back to Settings and Sharing> Access Permissions for Calendar Events We’re Sharing and uncheck the “Make Publicly Available” option. Could you share it with your friends?

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