How to sell old coins?

How to sell old coins?

Identification-Before selling a coin identify what coin do you have? It would be best to take a snap of both sides of the coin and show it to collectors. You can also post these pictures online to coin collector groups to figure out what cash you have. In the following article, we get to know about How to sell old coins? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

How to sell old coins

Analyze Condition

Coin condition matters a lot because it affects value. Again look over both sides of the coins, are these scratched or dirty? Don’t ever try to clean coins; cleaning them can damage coin value to sell old coins. Experts, historians, and coin collectors like these coins naturally.

Value evaluation

Now is the time to research the coin price; when you’ve identified the coins you have, you can search on the internet to find current coin values. Thousands of sites maintain a whole list of old coin values. Usually, coins are listed for wholesale; you’ll not get much if you sell the individual coins to sell old coins. 

Appraiser analysis is necessary to sell an extensive collection of old and valuable coins. Find coin appraisers in your area; they’ll analyze your collection, verify them and tell you how much your collection cost.

Pro tip: Use American Numismatic Association and Professional Coin Grading Service sites to find authentic appraisers or coin dealers. 

Coins Grouping

Different buyers are specialized in various kinds of coins. If you’re selling more than one coin at once, you should try to divide them into groups based on value. Create groups of the medium, high and low-value coins. The way you organize the coins is your choice to sell old coins. 

The most effective method is to organize them by wholesale value. You can also divide the coins by the degree of wear or the type of metal used to make their production or the location of the place printed.

Find Dealers

Coin dealers in the local area are great destinations to start with for selling coins. The majority of the time, you’ll be selling low- and mid-value coins here. When you visit the dealer, check out their inventory. If they’re stocked with lots of currencies that are made from the same metal and of similar quality to those you’re selling, they’ll provide you with a more reasonable price to sell old coins.

Some dealers also deal with rare coins; however, typically, you’ll get more through auctions and private collectors trading these rare coins. Keep in mind that dealers run businesses. To earn a profit, they’ll give you less than wholesale prices. It is best to have multiple dealers look over your coins. Keep your manner professional when you look for a deal.

Here are some other ways that’ll help to find out more buyers for your inherited coins or collected coins;

  • Search different sites online for buyers; eBay,, Modern coin mart, etc.
  • Submit your coins to an auction; Heritage auctions are best for selling coins.
  • Attend coin shows to get more customers.
  • Read coin collector magazines for further information.


  • Don’t clean your coins. It’ll decrease your coin’s worth.
  • Choose buyers who have good customer ratings
  • Select buyers who gave you a fair analysis
  • Sell the whole collection instead of individual
  • Show your collection to different appraisers for detailed analysis

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