How to read guitar tabs?

How to read guitar tabs

How to read guitar tabs. The English name of the guitar tablature is Guitar Tablature ( TAB for short ). It is a notation method for playing the guitar. Guitar tabs can divide into ” six tabs “, ” stave tabs “, and “ noted tabs “, and the other is “chord tabs” (that is, guitar tabs with only chord names and lyrics). These are all indispensable parts of learning guitar.

How to read guitar tabs

Two, the concept

Today I mainly talked about ” Six-line Notation “.

” Six-line notation “ is a universal notation method designed specifically for guitars. Its basic structure composes of six equally spaced lines. The six lines represent the six strings on the guitar. The bottom line, Represents the sixth string of the guitar. The guitar is set aside six strings corresponding to the six parallel horizontal lines to indicate the position and movement of hands played (i.e.fingering), belonging to the record fingering music. The six-line musical notation does not record the height of the sound, but it is very convenient when used in combination with the numbered musical notation for the stave, which can express both the witch and the fingering.

The top line represents the thinnest string, which is a string.

The most below the line represent the crudest of a string, which is the six-string. As shown in the figure:

Common notation methods: How to read guitar tabs

Decompose chord accompaniment notation: Draw an “X” on one or several of the six lines. At this time, there are often fingering diagrams or marks indicating the chords press by the left hand at the top of the six lines. Then you press the chord with your left hand, “X” means to play the chord with your right finger.

After pressing the C chord with the left hand, the right-hand plays five strings, three strings, three strings, one string, three strings, two strings, and three strings, respectively. It is the classic 53231323 in the legend.

Strumming rhythm notation: Draw symbols such as “↑” and “↓” on two or more lines to indicate strumming direction. At this time, there are often hints about left fingering at the top of the hexagram.

After pressing the C chord with the left hand, the right hand is responsible for strumming. “↑” represents from the six-string guitar to the next sweep, “↓” represents the sweep, wavy lines arpeggios, strumming the direction of the arrow with empathy.

Solo SOLO (fingerstyle) notation: write Arabic numerals on six lines. The six-line spectrum of the digital representation of the guitar character, written in the line numbers indicate the left hand by the first of several products, line numbers

where that is, the right hand should play the chord

One means pressing one fret because it is on the first string, so you press a string one fret with your left hand and then play a line with your right hand. 

Then hold down a string at two frets, and then play a line with your right hand. 

And so on. The above score is to press the 1, 2, 3, 4 frets of a string from left to right and play them, respectively.

Then some students asked: Where is the guitar product? As shown below:

0 represents the open string tone. The left-hand does not press the string, and the right hand plays the corresponding row. For example, the following picture:

The first sound is not leave by the right hand to play a chord. 

The second sound is left by the erxian 1 product, the right hand playing the stringed fiddle. 

The third sound is left by san xian 2 product, the right hand playing a three-stringed lute. 

The second note is the third fret on the fourth string with the left hand and the fourth with the right hand.
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