How to raid on Twitch?

How to raid on twitch

Did you know that raiding is a form of hosting you can do at the end of your live stream on Twitch? When you raid, you and your onlookers go to a different channel to choke out their content and socialize with their community. However, raiding does not do much on its own. There exist some approaches you can utilize to get extra out of the rule. This post will include how to raid on Twitch. Also, we will teach you some tips to use this method to benefit both you and the viewers you intend to raid. So, without any further ado, let’s delve into the flow of information.

Easy Steps you must know: Raid on Twitch.

Here, we have compiled a list of steps that may help you to understand better. So, take a look!

Step 1: Type the live chat raid username that will be your channel stream name you wish to raid.

Step 2: Once you have inserted the command, you will see a 10-second timer on your screen that would get started. Once the timer ends, you will have the option to raid directly.

Step 3: Hit the raid button. If you do not click the button, the raid will begin in 80 seconds again. To delete the command, press the cancel option. 

Users can also control their raid settings from the dashboard if they only wish to accept commands from their teammates, colleagues, friends, or channels. 

Tips to Send a Successful Twitch Raid

To raid any other channel strongly, you must follow the following things:

Pick an Entertaining Channel

At the last of your live stream, give some minutes surfing on different channels with your viewers. Take your viewer’s help in the procedure of decision to make it interactive and amusing. You can also ask your watchers who you must raid. Besides, ask them if they know anyone familiar in size to you and make similar content.

Prepare to Start the Twitch Raid

Now, tell your viewers to get excited with you in the raid. Bear in mind, you want to get hyped, but do not go into spam phrases or raise yourself. Alternatively, ask viewers to go in and leave feedback about the minutes – they have spent. Making your viewers intact in their chat will make the streamer more apt to pay back the service in the future. Besides, it may provoke their interest in acting closely with you and your alliance. A front benefit of making your viewers amused with your channel will elevate your fellowship. 

Try to Stay in the Streamer’s Channel for a While

Now, find new channels for a while with your spectators and post worthwhile messages in their chat. Also, type a note about their content and tell them what you enjoy about it. Stay at least fifteen minutes on these channels with your viewers. 

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Create a Shout Out on social media & Reach Out for a Collaboration

Once you have raided the channel, post a Tweet praising your viewers for watching your stream. Try to link to their social media accounts if possible. If you think that their content is good, stand out to them for a possible collaboration. Be mindful and tell how you assume the partnership would help you both.


Raiding on Twitch is a fantastic tool to assist your audience find other live streamers to watch. So, it is your turn to raiding by following the mentioned above steps!

FAQs Questions

Q1: What is a Twitch raid, and why should I consider doing one?

Ans: A Twitch raid is when you send your viewers to another streamer’s channel at the end of your broadcast. It’s a great way to support fellow streamers, build a sense of community, and introduce your viewers to new content.

Q2: How do I initiate a raid on Twitch?

Ans: To start a raid, follow these steps:

  1. Type “/raid [channel name]” in your Twitch chat while you’re live.
  2. Click the “Raid Now” button that appears on your dashboard.

Q3: Are there any requirements or restrictions for raiding on Twitch?

Ans: Yes, to raid someone, you need to be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. Additionally, make sure the channel you want to raid is appropriate and adheres to Twitch’s community guidelines.

Q4: Can I customize the message sent with the raid?

Ans: Yes, you can customize your raid message to give it a personal touch. Just type “/raid [channel name] [your message]” to create a unique message.

Q5: What happens to my viewers during a raid?

Ans: When you raid another channel, your viewers are taken to the channel you’re raiding. They can choose to stay, chat, and follow the new channel or leave at any time.