6 Easy Steps To Plant Garlic

How to plant garlic

Do you wish to plant garlic in your kitchen garden? If yes, let us tell you that growing your garlic is simple to do in almost every climate. It has a great living season. And in conclusion, you will have a pure organic crop of garlic to stock for the winter or share with neighbors. The best thing about garlic is you can plant and grow them in the ground or a bucket, and it gets ready to harvest in the middle to late summer. Many people want to know about the detailed process, and that is what we will teach you. So, read on!

Step #1: Preparing to plant

Source a clove of garlic to set. You can plant garlic that you bought from any grocery store. But you will have a higher chance of growing a flourishing crop if you purchase garlic cloves, or bulbs, from a nursery that provides varieties that raise well in your area. Some cloves are solid; some are healthy during chilly temperatures, and so on.

  • Bear in mind: the garlic stocked in the supermarket often shipped in – from distant areas. So it won’t inevitably be stress that works with your environment and soil type.
  • Garlic available in grocery stores usually contains chemicals that help to make it last longer on the rack. It’s harder to plant treated garlic than untreated garlic.

Step #2: Prepare a planting place

It is time to select a spot where your plant could get direct sunlight and well-draining soil. Dig the place to a depth of 5 inches utilizing a garden rake or tool. Enhance the soil with fertilizer to combine nutrients that will make the garlic grow healthy.

If you want, plan to plant the garlic in a pot. Pick a suitable broad and deep bowl to grab the garlic you desire to grow, and stuff it with rich soil.

Step #3: Place the garlic cloves

Now, you have to split the bulb into single cloves, following the papery covering intact. Set the cloves 5 inches apart and about 3 inches deep. Ensure that the leveled root surface is facing down and the rough side is facing up. Otherwise, the garlic will develop in the reverse direction. Cover the set garlic with soil and pat mildly.

Step #4: Caring for Garlic How to plant garlic

Caring and upkeeping is essential in kitchen gardening. If you are planting your garlic in autumn, embrace the area with 5 inches of straw to preserve the garlic through the winter. You can remove this straw in spring if needed. 

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Step #5: Keep the garlic moist How to plant garlic

Watering the garlic every 4 to 5 days during the growing season is crucial. When you notice that the soil is getting wet, dry, and dusty, that indicates it’s time to give water. Bear in mind: garlic plants don’t require watering during the autumn and winter. So, be careful at that point.

Step #6: Harvest when the tops turn yellowish and start to die off.

Last but not least. It is time to harvest! At the edge of the growing period, in July or August, the heads of the plants will begin looking yellowish and start to fall and die. It implies it’s time to harvest the garlic plant. Pull off the plant using a spade from the ground without breaking them.

Final Advice 

Give the plant to get cured. And use your garlic when the skin gets dry and papery.