How to make Slime?

How to make Slime?

All children love to play with it and cool their hot summer vacation. But there are many tutorials present on youtube and TikTok to make slime, and some children are ready to make to play others are ready to make for sale and so interested that other children are ready to buy and play slime games together. 

How to make slime with detergent

To make slime with detergent and without borax, you must follow the steps that we indicate below:

  • The first thing you should do is pour the white glue into the chosen plastic container and add the dye. Mix the products well with the spoon until you get a completely homogeneous mass free of lumps.
  • Once you have obtained a homogeneous mass, add the detergent very slowly and add a little water to the mixture. Continue stirring until you get a homogeneous mass.
  • Keep adding the rest of the detergent, and do not stop stirring, as this will prevent lumps from forming. It is very important to always stir in the same direction to prevent the mixture from cutting and spoiling the slime.
  • If the mixture has gotten too thick, you can add a little more water to the container. Always go slowly to prevent the mixture from becoming too runny.
  • Once the dough is homogeneous and has a considerable size, manually knead the dough with the help of the gloves so that the result is denser.
  • If you want, you can take the slime out of the plastic container and knead it directly on the table to see how its appearance begins to form. If it is necessary to increase its density, you can add white glue, while if the result is too dense, you can add a little more water very carefully.

How to make slime with detergent without borax 

While it is true that to make this homemade slime, we have avoided using borax, a highly toxic product, you may prefer to create slime with milder and less aggressive products. One of the best options is to make slime with hand soap; all you have to do is replace the detergent with the soap you prefer. You can even opt for an ecological one.

You also have several options to make slime without glue and borax. While the best way to get consistent, long-lasting slime is to add one of the ingredients mentioned above (detergent, borax, and glue).

 You can also make slime with just two ingredients: cornstarch and oil. Mix these two ingredients well until a homogeneous mass begins to form and, finally, add the colorant of your choice

How to store slime correctly?

Once you have the slime ready, you should keep it in a hermetically sealed place to prevent it from solidifying and becoming hard. In this sense, the best option is to put it in a plastic container with a lid and hermetic closure; plastic Tupperware, for example, is a great option.

In this way, the slime will not lose water and can be kept ready to play for a longer time. Also, if you want to make the toy more liquid because it has lost water, you can add a little more liquid to the container and let the dough absorb it. You can do this even the day after its preparation.

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