How to make bath bombs?

How to make bath bombs

Lying down in a bathtub filled with hot water is the best relaxation therapy a person can get after a day full of hassle and workload. People love to spend their time in the sauna and Jacuzzi to let go of the stress and anxiety accumulated in their bodies for the whole day. This bath time is something personal, and people prefer not to let anyone ruin it at any cost. Therefore, they drag a bathtub table with a glass of wine or juice-filled glass and read a book or relax while listening to music. This initiated the trend of bath bombs. You might have heard of them. They are mostly ball-like soda bicarbonate structures that start to disintegrate once thrown in the bathtub. They make the watercolor fragrance filled and beautiful.

These bath bombs are made of different colors, adding a pop to your bathing experience. The bath bombs are also filled with skin relaxing and rejuvenating essential oils. Hence no harm at all! The problem is that these fancy little items cost a lot as more and more people are getting to know about them. Five-star and seven-star hotels have included these bath bombs in their rooms and suites. But as their rates are getting high, they are getting out of the reach of a normal frustrated and tired person.

How to make bath bombs?

Therefore, we have come to share with you the procedure to make these bath bombs at your home and save spending many bucks on them. Let us move on to the steps:

  • To begin with, you will have to add baking soda, Epsom salt, and cornstarch to a big bowl and then mix it thoroughly.

  • Now separately, take a jar with a lid and add water and any fragrant essential oil like lavender or rose.
  • Then add jojoba oil or almond oil with the color of your choice. If you like, you can add glitter to it as well.
  • Close  the lid and shake it hard so that all the added ingredients unite properly
  • After that, you will be adding the mixture to the other mixture your prepared before in a bowl (dry one)
  • When done, now you will add the citric acid. The fizz will appear, which is the release of carbon dioxide gas.
  • Mix everything well, and then put it in the molds you have chosen for the shape.
  • Let them dry out, and then you can use them while having a bath.

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