How to fix a zipper?

How to fix a zipper?

12 tips on how to repair the zipper yourself. In this article, we read about How to fix a zipper?

When it comes to zipper repairs, what matters is what is broken:-

Slider to fix a zipper?:

  1. The slide (slide, zipper) no longer closes properly. The zipper then opens again. If the gap between the upper and lower part of the slider has become too large, it is because the slider is worn out, and the two sides of the hinge can no longer interlock tightly enough. This happens quickly with cheap aluminum slides, but quality slides also have a limited lifespan. Here it usually helps to squeeze the drop with pliers from above carefully and below (i.e., from the body and outside), then it closes again. Please do not press too hard. Otherwise, the slide will break. Better to readjust several times
  2. The slide of the zip fastener can hardly be moved up and down. It jams: the metal teeth may not be well deburred, so it could help open and close the zip several times. The slide can deburr it. Check whether the teeth are no longer straight on the belt with a plastic tooth zipper, then carefully straighten them. If this does not help, the metal teeth zipper can be oiled a little or lubricated with graphite by moving a pencil back and forth on the teeth, provided you do not have graphite as a lubricant. Sometimes soapy water (concentrated soap solution) also helps to wet the zipper. Then the slide has to be pushed back and forth so that the lubricant can quickly wrap around the teeth. If nothing works: try to bend the fall slightly apart, i.e., the gap between the upper and lower part of the slide, as it may be too narrow and therefore too tight. Be careful: it can break.
  3. The handle of the slide has broken off:

If necessary, a handle can be tinkered with a paperclip or ribbon. The nobler variant: 

There are handles (zippers) with snap hooks that can be attached, and the zipper looks new. The handles are available in many different versions and designs.

  1. The slide has broken apart: buy a new drop designed for the same type of tooth (plastic teeth, spiral or metal teeth, 3mm, 5mm, or 7-8mm chain), with a bit of luck, it will fit.
  2. The slider slips out at the end of the zipper: put the top end piece on it or sew a bar with a few stitches.
  3. The slider of a non-divisible (trouser) zipper has slipped out at the bottom:

Separate the zipper from the trousers in this area, clip off the teeth on one side with a side cutter and open the slider with the thicker / wider side. Check whether the slide is not worn out, i.e., does not close properly. Then it has to be compressed a little, as under 1.

  1. If the slider has slipped out of a closed zipper at the top and bottom, the tape can be carefully separated from the fabric on one side, and the slider can be put back on.

If the threading does not work, the spiral (small teeth) must be cut off on one side of the tape. Then the slider can be threaded more easily.

Zipper tape to fix a zipper?

  1. Some teeth on the zipper have broken off: the zipper as a whole needs to be replaced.
  2. The zipper tape loosens: here. The zipper has to be renewed

Lower / upper end of the zipper broken

  1. The lower end of a divisible (jacket) zipper (pin or box for hooking the slider) has been torn out: the entire zipper must be replaced.
  2. Top-end / lock has come loose or has been lost completely: Buy top-end pieces in the right size and press them into place with pliers. Alternatively, a bartack can be sewn with a needle and thread (sew around the tape several times at this point, use the thickest possible sewing thread.

Broken 2-way zipper

  1. The lower slider is gone or broken: a new slider of the same size must be inserted; the remaining slider alone does not close the zipper. To do this, the upper slide is first unthreaded at the top by pressing the upper-end piece. Flat with pliers on the side on which the fall hangs or carefully removed with the side cutter. (The zipper tape must not be damaged). Now one slider can be threaded upside down from above and the 2nd slider the right way round.

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