How to cook lentils?

How to cook lentils

Lentils are a great source of protein. They are also called pulses and are eaten as a staple food in many countries situated in the Asian subcontinent. Pulses are considered to be healthy food. This is why they are made an essential part of the diet plan issued by many famous nutritionists. Lentils or pulses are very easy on the pocket.

They are not expensive at all. Everyone can afford them easily because of the ease of availability. Lentils are present in different colors and are cooked in different ways. People are fond of eating yellow and orange lentils in the form of runny liquid pulses soup, which tastes like heaven and makes you feel connected to your homeland. Other than this, there are white and green lentils as well that are cooked in many Asian countries as well like them but are not that famous.

How to cook it?

It is very important to soak the lentils in ample water before starting to cook them. There is a specific reason for this. It is said to soak it for at least forty-five minutes because the longer you soak it, the less your cooking time on the stove will be.

So clean the lentils by washing them through water twice or thrice and then soak them for 45 minutes when you are done with it. You are supposed to add new water to the soaked lentils and put it on the stove with a medium flame. Then you will have to add crushed ginger and garlic to give it some fresh aroma. Then you will have to add turmeric, some chili powder, and salt to taste.

Let the lentils boil properly, and then add 2 to 3 chopped tomatoes to add a bit of tangy flavor. You can also add tamarind pulp if you like it a bit sour. Then wait for the water to dry out. Then dissolve the lentils properly and turn them into a fine paste. So, then prepare the tempering for the lentils. You will have to roast 2 to 3 cloves of garlic in oil and add a full teaspoon of cumin seeds. Let the aroma of the two ingredients begin to appear and feel and then add it to the lentils. Cover the lid so that the flavor and fragrance stay in the pot. Serve it with boiled rice and enjoy eating it.

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