Difference between growth and development

Difference between growth and development

Many people think that development and growth are the same things. Hence, they use both of these alternatives. However, in actuality, they differ from each other. Both of these terms indicate two different kinds of things and hence must not be mixed. Let us quickly rush towards the main differences between development and growth to avoid interchangeable use.

Significant Differences between growth and development


The term growth refers to the enhancement or increase of the person’s body size, weight, and height. When we view it from a biology point of view, it increases the cell size or organ size. Growth is indeed one of the most significant parts of development processes. It refers to the increase in a person’s moral, emotional, social, mental, and physical status. It is majorly dependent on the environment and heredity. 


Development is the biological term that comes up with both qualitative and quantitative nature. However, growth is mere of quantitative nature and has nothing to do with the quality. The changes due to growth are observable, while the developmental changes are not readily observable. 


Development is the internal process, while growth is the external process. In the case of growth, the size of the cell increases, which is visible to the naked eye. In the case of growth, the process ceases after a specific time. When a person grows, then it stops after a certain age. When maturity is gained, then the growth gets limited. At the same time, the development phase keeps on continuing. It is a continuous process that commences from conception time and lasts till life. Hence, it can be said that it is a journey from womb to tomb.


There is merely one single aspect in growth which is none other than the increased body size. But in development, there are multiple significant aspects, and all of such aspects are highly valuable. These aspects include intelligence, interpersonal skills, and much more. 

Measurement Difference between growth and development

Growth is massively easy to measure. Indeed, different types of units can use to measure growth. But development is not possible to be measured. It is indeed the changes or modifications in people that lead to improved functionality or behavior. Hence, it cannot measure with any measuring device.

Structural Vs. Functional Difference between growth and development

Growth is the process that gives a boost to the structure. The enlargement of the body structure is a clear indication of growth. However, development is a functional process. Development influences growth. However, development is entirely independent. It does not rely on growth at all.


None of these terms can replace the other term. The teachers must clarify the concepts of students so that they can use the correct term where required. The proper knowledge matters a lot for excelling. Make different sentences out of it and discuss them with your friends or teacher. It will help much in grabbing the knowledge relatively quickly. The expansion of a plant or human being is growth. In comparison, the functional changes or enhancement is development. 

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