Can Cats Eat Raw Fish

Can Cats Eat Raw Fish

Cats get baffled by seeing fish and other meat because of their carnivorous instinct. Their urge for animal protein makes them eat all types of fish. Since raw fish is not good for human beings, cat owners might wonder: Can cats eat raw fish?

Well, cats can eat raw fish if it is clean. Usually, raw fish have bacteria and parasites; that’s why vets don’t recommend feeding it to cats. If you can ensure a clean and small quantity, you may feed raw fish to your cat. However, the best thing would be not feeding the raw fish to cats to avoid side effects.

Do Cats Like Raw Fish?

The carnivorous nature of cats attracts them to the smell and taste of fish and meat. Whether it is raw fish, cooked fish, or canned fish, cats can’t resist them. Compared to raw fish, cats are more attracted to cooked fish that have flavourings. The bad news is that cats can’t eat raw fish or flavorful fish, but cooked fish without any ingredients.

Can Cats Eat Raw Fish?

Cats can eat raw fish in moderation, but it is not recommended. Usually, raw fish contain parasites and bacteria that can be harmful to cats. Besides, it cannot provide as many nutrients as a cooked fish does.

Can Cats Eat Raw Fish

For instance, a cooked fish can provide vitamin B1, which maintains neurological balance. Raw fish have enzymes that break down thiamine (vitamin B1). If you provide raw fish to your cat, she will miss essential nutrients like thiamine.

Can Cats Eat Raw Salmon?

Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Your cat can own these nutrients if you prepare them for her in a proper way. It means you can’t offer a readily available raw salmon to your cat.

As said earlier, raw fish have enzymes that break down vitamin B1. Unfortunately, this process is inevitable with raw salmon too. Also, it has a parasite named Neorickettsia helminthoeca, which leads to salmon poisoning disease (SPD). If you want to keep your cat safe, we suggest not feeding her raw salmon at all.

Can Cats Eat Raw Tuna?

Like raw salmon, raw tuna is also an unsafe option for cats. This fish usually preys on small fish and other species. So you never know what toxins and heavy metals it can have inside it. Also, raw tuna is prone to bacteria that can lead to mercury poisoning. So it is better to provide cooked tuna without adding any flavour to your cat instead of raw tuna.

Can Cats Eat Raw Shrimp?

Raw shrimp can be somewhat safe for cats if you clean them properly. However, it is not advisable to provide raw shrimp to cats.

If your cat can’t resist eating the raw shrimp, you must keep the quantity low. Also, remove its tail and shell to avoid any choking hazards.

Can Cats Eat Raw Sardine?

A healthy cat can withstand raw sardine if it is clean and of good quality. Well, the quantity must be low because raw sardine can have parasites and fewer nutrients, which is not good for cats. Compared to canned sardine, raw and clean sardine is a better option. Canned sardines have added salt and seasoning, which are more harmful to cats.

How To Feed Fish To Cats?

Cats rely on fish and other meats to obtain animal protein. If you don’t want to replace its benefits with side effects, make sure you adequately prepare the fish.

Firstly, wash the fish that you are providing to your cat. This will remove the bacteria and parasites to some extent. Then remove its bones and shells (if any). Then cook it or bake it, but don’t smoke it. Now you can serve it to your furry friend. Remember to keep the portion low or moderate. This is because cats’ meals should include many foods, not only one.

When Can Cats Eat Raw Fish?

Cats can eat raw fish if it is clean and belongs to a trusted supplier. For example, your cat is healthy and does not have any gastrointestinal issues. In that case, she can have a small portion of a clean, raw fish. Most importantly, you must have the approval of your vet.

Can Cats Eat Raw Fish

If you see any symptoms in your cat, like vomiting or diarrhoea, after eating raw fish, don’t let her eat it anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Cats Eat Raw Fish?

Can cats eat raw meat?

Cats can eat raw meat in small quantities, but it is not advisable. They can skip the side effects of raw meat if it is clean and of good quality.

What fish is best for cats?

Fish is one of the cats’ favourite meals. Some of the safer options for fish are shellfish, salmon, mackerel, and tuna.

Can cats eat fish daily?

Although fish have essential nutrients for cats, you should not feed them every day. Fish do not have all the vitamins and minerals that cats can get from other foods. So rely on different foods for your cat’s diet, not only fish.

What raw fish can cats eat?

A small amount of raw salmon is not harmful to a healthy cat. Its omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids can benefit your cat in many ways. Just make sure the fish is clean and free from bacteria.

Final Verdict

Cats can’t hold on to them when they see raw fish. Since their guardians care about them, they may think, Can cats eat raw fish? The answer is no. Although some safety concerns can allow your cat to eat raw fish, we suggest not feeding it.

If your cat ever eats raw fish filled with bacteria in large quantities, she may vomit and have diarrhoea and stomach pain. In that case, you must ask your vet if any medication or treatment is required.