The submarine of the Black Sea Fleet Veliky Novgorod attacked the objects of terrorists in Syria with cruise missiles Caliber, the Ministry of Defense reported.

The launch took place from the underwater position from the Mediterranean Sea at 10 hours 11 minutes. The targets were the targets of the “Jebhat-en-Nusra” * in the province of Idlib about three hundred kilometers from the submarine.

“A sudden missile attack in the province of Idlib destroyed important control points, training bases and armored vehicles of terrorists who took part in an attempt to capture 29 Russian military police in the northern province of Khama,” the ministry said.

The data of objective control confirmed the defeat of all targets.

On Tuesday, the rebels “Djebhat-an-Nusra” * launched an offensive near the city of Ham, they managed to wedge into the defense of the Syrian army for 12 kilometers. One of the main targets of the terrorists was the seizure of a unit of the Russian military police, performing tasks at the monitoring point for de-escalation control. In the entourage were 29 Russian military.

As a result of the operations of the special operations forces, the military police and the Syrian special forces, the ring of encirclement was broken, the platoon lost its way to the area of the government troops without losses. The injuries were received by three Russians from special operations forces.

* Terrorist organization banned in Russia.