The developer preview of Android 8.1 is now available for download and probably the most notable of it is precisely the support of the Visual Core Pixel for third-party applications.

Interested developers will now have to tap into their apps to take advantage of it, but it will make it possible to take advantage of Pixel 2’s HDR + capture in any application, not just the camera itself on Google’s phone. And what advantages does it have? For example, you will not have to jump from one application to another to make the best photo possible when you share images through your favorite social network.

In case you do not have a Pixel 2, you do not need it to enjoy the other advantages of the preview. The package also comes with a programming kit that offers a hardware-driven automatic learning system through frameworks such as TensorFlow Lite. Google has also spent time adjusting memory usage to improve the performance of low-cost Android Go devices, and there is a new kit that allows applications to share shared memory to speed up access to common data. The password management also brings changes, with improved autocomplete.

Anyone who is registered with the Android Beta Program can already install this preview on a compatible Google device (a Nexus 5X or later), although if you are not a developer, it may be better to wait for the December launch, at which time the full (and much more stable) update will be available. Cautioned falls.