The Russian Embassy in Washington offered the head of the press service of the USState Department, Heather Nauert, to pay attention to the recording of the actions of representatives of the American authorities at the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco.

The day before, the official representative of the State Department, commenting on the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that the employees of the diplomatic security service who “circumambulated” the building did not break open the locks, they simply “walked and inspected”.

“To find out where and when they” did not crack the locks, “just go on and see,” the Russian embassy said on Twitter.

The diplomats illustrated their words with video at the moment of the break-in. The recording, made on October 2 in San Francisco, lasts ten hours.

Previously, the State Department explained that they were inspecting the residential part of the buildings of the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco in order to make sure that all the members of the diplomatic mission living there left the premises. The Russian Foreign Ministry called the incident “unprecedented arbitrariness. ”