Monday, January 22, 2018
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Now Google confirms its building plans in Dalarna


 As we have written earlier, a huge building is being planned in Horndal, in Avesta municipality. And after a prolonged silence from the parties involved, Google now confirms for Dagens Nyheter that most people already thought that it is the giant who is the buyer of the current field.

“We have bought 109 hectares of land in Avesta municipality, just outside of Horndal,” says Google’s communications manager Farshad Shadloo.

He notes that the deal was finally completed yesterday and that the company will start building the surrounding infrastructure next year, but Farshad Shadloo emphasizes that it does not mean that the final decision to build the data center is taken.

“At the moment, we have no plans to develop on this field, but we want to ensure that we have future options for building data halls in Europe if our business so requires. We are not planning to make decisions about this in the near future, “he told DN.

And after the hush-hush period is over, Avesta also confirms Google’s purchase and welcomes the IT giant to the municipality.

“Today we can confirm that Google has purchased 109 hectares of land in Avesta municipality, just outside of Horndal. Avesta Municipality is very proud and happy to be a chosen place for Google. Avesta has a long history as an important place in Sweden’s basic industry. Our history, together with our geographical location, excellent infrastructure and the high level of expertise in the region, have been important ingredients in Avesta’s presentations as a place for Google. In all establishment requests, Avesta municipality works with some honors words as “force of action, professionalism, credibility, and trust”, which most certainly applies in this case, “the municipality writes on its site and follows up with:

“We are very pleased that Google has chosen Avesta, but what we know, there are no plans to build data centers at the present time.