According to the renowned KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, all iPhone launched next year will be transferred to Face ID as an exclusive form of biometric security. Thus, this decision by Apple would prematurely, even before seeing how the market and consumers react to your iPhone X.

If this movement was finally carried out, we would be talking about the end of the technology of the fingerprint reader on the iPhone, a theory that, if we look back, a few weeks before the presentation of the new terminals, was ruled out since it was said that those of Cupertino would be trying to include their Touch ID on the screen of the iPhone itself, something that finally could not be due to technical complications .

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the exclusive adoption of Face ID as biometric security from 2018 would be focused on two main points. The first of them would be to advance in the technologies of 3D detection, something that would happen to beĀ  “a key point in the sales of the models of iPhone in 2018”. The second of the goals is that Apple will once again become a “pioneer” company, as happened in the case of the elimination of the port for headphones and, in theory, will pass with the readers of tracks from 2018.