Achievements of the Syrian army with the support of the Russian system, the rapid release of the IGIL (a terrorist group banned in RUSSIA — prim. EADaily) Valley of the Euphrates run counter to the plans of American partners.
another example of this was an attempt by terrorists to conduct coordinated in time and place the attack late last week in the rear of the Syrian forces, Konashenkov said. — On the night of 28 September, about 300 fighters from the area of the IGIL locality Rukban in dozens of SUVs moved to the town of Al-Karjatejn in the governorate of Homs. With a large group of terrorists successfully bypassed all hidden posts of Syrian troops in the areas of n.p. Harbat Al-Shhemi and n.p. El Basiri not for luck. And having absolutely precise coordinates, which can only be obtained through aerial reconnaissance, treated by specialists and then carefully transferred to militants for carrying out subversive-terrorist actions. With Dawn, the squad of terrorists attempted to seize dominating heights around NP El-Karjatejn.
At the same time, on the same day, Ogilvy conducted a series of coordinated attacks on other positions of Syrian troops along the strategically important road Palmyra-Deir ezzor, which supply factions of Syrian troops in the Valley The Euphrates and delivered humanitarian aid.

      Perechislennye terrorist attacks bring together only one-all they were 50-kilometre the area around the village of Al-TANF border on the Syrian-Jordanian border. The location of the “United States military mission” and where literally even at gunshot Americans not allowed near units of the Syrian troops pursuing terrorists. The Syrian army had to make considerable efforts to neutralize mobile teams IGIL on track Palmyra-Deir ez-Zor and release captured militants of human settlements “. “If the U.S. side sees such actions as unexpected” randomness “, Russian VCS in Syria ready to destroy all such” coincidences “in a them-controlled zone,” Konashenkov said.