With the arrival of the raids, Pokémon GO has had several changes recently, they have added new things like raiding eggs where the enemies we will face, but each of these eggs are of different colors. For this reason, each color has a different meaning, so we will explain it below.

What the color of the egg means before a raid

This year Niantic launched the new update of Pokémon GO, with which it regained the popularity that once lost, these being incursions and Legendaries. Eggs are part of the incursions, as always when entering a raid, there will be an egg in the middle, which will be the Pokémon we will face. Their colors vary, and they have a meaning to consider when going for a raid.

Thanks to the eggs from the raids of Pokémon GO, we can have a sense * of what kind of creatures can leave us, so it will be worth approaching the gym that we have closest to our house.

Now, to enter a raid, it will be necessary to have a character at least at a level higher than 20, and obviously the raid pass. That way, when an egg comes out of a raid, a notice will come out, and we’ll only have 30 minutes to head to the gym before it hatches. The color of each egg means the difficulty it will have, and is based on the following:

  • Black / Blue Eggs (High Difficulty): These will be Level 5 Legendary Pokémon, so be prepared when we see it. When the raid is completed, we will receive different rewards such as Premier Balls, rare candies or Golden Berries, among others.
  • Yellow Egg (Medium Difficulty): It is the intermediate egg, will emerge creatures of level 3 or 4 of type Arcanine, Flareon or Gengar, among others.
  • Pink egg (Difficulty low): This will be the normal simple egg, and the fighting we will have will be level 1 or 2 stars with Pokémon like Magikarp, Quilava or Bayleef, among others.

In this way, when we know that egg touches us, and thus we will be prepared for the combat against the Pokémon that touch us.