The developers of Last Day on Earth have been updating the game well, each time adding new things to grow the title. We talked about Raider, something that previously existed, but that was complicated to do, now is something easier and beneficial for our survival. If you are interested in how to do it, then we will teach you everything you need to the following information.

How to Raider

It is possible to Raider without problems in Last Day on Earth, but for now, we will not be playing with other players but will be bases of bots, so it will be extremely easy to go to these bases and collect the resources that we find. The different bots that we will see on the map and to which we can accede, are the following:

  • TO LICK.
  • Enchantress.
  • Death.

These bases will be practically alone, that is to say, without any enemy that can complicate the zone. Previously, we depended on a C4 to break any wall, but now we are facilitated since we will only need simple axes to knock down the walls. It should be noted that the level 1 walls will be the only ones that can be destroyed, the other level 2 and 3 walls will only be destroyed with the C4.

We must consider that the axes are very important to destroy the walls, since for each wall we will need 1 ax, and in each case there will be 4 or 5 walls that we will have to destroy in order to take full advantage of the resources that we will find. So you have to go prepared before heading to the bases to plunder.

It is highly recommended to go to these bases, as we will find good resources that will be of great help, such as clothing, food, weapons, minerals, and parts. Besides, there will be nothing to stop us, no enemies, and with simple axes, we will break through.