The Russian Foreign Minister said that the IG * “fell” precisely under the blows of Russian military security services and under the onslaught of the Syrian army

The anti-Guilin international coalition led by the US arranges “deadly provocations” in Syria against the Russian military. This was told in an interview with inter-Arab newspaper “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat,” the Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov .

“In Syria, there are a lot of questions for US-led forces. They allegedly will accidentally strike at the Syrian armed forces, after which the Igilovites are in a counter-attack, they will “teach” other terrorists to strategically important points where the legitimate authority of the official Damascus has been restored, deadly provocations will be arranged against our servicemen, “the diplomat said. The full text of the interview is published on the MFA website .

Sergei Lavrov recalled that * IG “fell” just under the blows of Russian military security services and the onslaught of the Syrian army.

“The advantage of our policy is that it is not aimed at extracting vested interest and does not have a” double bottom, “he stressed.

* IG – a terrorist grouping “Islamic State”, banned in Russia.