One of the biggest nightmares facing the owner of an electric car (or whoever plans to get one) is to run out of electricity in the middle of the road and away from a point of loading. It’s not just that you get thrown in the middle of nowhere, but you also have to wait for the assistance to come and take your vehicle to the nearest loading point. Too much time wasted and as long as the technology does not advance enough improving the real autonomy of these types of cars, a fairly feasible possibility.

But it seems that Amazon has had an idea that may seem so pilgrim as great: drones that fly on demand to where the electric car has remained and fully charge the battery. At this point, we have a divided heart: we must recognize that if we get to put the idea into practice, there is no doubt that it is great but the unknowns at this moment are too many.

It is true that the registration of a patent has no greater implication and it is possible that we never see a product of these characteristics, but to prosper … how would a drone be able to move such a heavy element in mid-flight? What about the very electricity that the drone itself needs to reach its destination and return?

The registered project contemplates that, after receiving the warning, the drone identifies the type of vehicle by means of a code on its roof, and it is precisely this ceiling the landing and loading area of the flying assistant. And it should be remembered that this patent – which has now come to light – was registered in 2014 when the autonomy provided by the batteries was much lower than the current. Yet and all … will we ever see it in operation?