On the shore of the Philippine island of Leith found the carcass of a huge sea animal. This is reported by the publication Metro.

The find was made by 42-year-old resident of Maasin Nuhnuj Capistrano (Nujnuj Capistrano). He noticed and photographed the stinking remains when he walked along the beach. “I was surprised that they are so big,” he says. “Besides, I see such a creature for the first time.”

The length of the decaying carcass was about 10 meters. The beginning of the decomposition made it difficult to identify it. The authorities found the remains dangerous for the inhabitants of the island and towed them to the open sea for burial.

According to Julius Alpino (Julius Alpino) from the local Bureau of Fish and Water Resources, the waves carried a decaying whale carcass to the beach. The publication notes that not everyone shares his opinion.

In May, it was reported that on the shores of the Indonesian island of Seram found a 15-meter carcass of an unidentified sea animal. Local fishermen believed that the remains belong to a giant squid. According to another version, this is a dead humpback whale.