Injustice 2 has a variety of skins and sections to customize our characters. Our fighters change their appearance depending on the armor we put, we canalso customize their physical appearance through the skins of the game . Today we are going to teach you how to get the special Cyborg skin.

Steps to get to Grid

We will have to use our mobile to get this special look. But first of all we will go to our console and in the main menu of Injustice 2 we will go to the extras. We select “link to the mobile version” and a 6-digit code will be automatically generated . After this we will go to Injustice 2 of the mobile and in the menu select settings and “link to the console version”. Here we will have to put the code that came out in Injustice 2 of the console.

Once we have completed these steps we would have to have Grid in our console. It will appear in the same place as Cyborg. We can play with the evil version of this character. Cyborg is not the only character that has an alternate look . In this post we teach you how to get the rest of alternative characters of Injustice 2, remember that they are only skins, in no time will change the way of fighting the fighters.

If you like the character Cyborg, I’m sure this skin will like you even more. Injustice 2 gives us a lot of possibilities to customize our characters, we can change the special moves and attacks to make them more our style. After you get this aspect, we will have linked the accounts of the mobile with the console and we can complete daily challenges and get more rewards for our characters. In other post we have taught you which are the best characters and everything you need to know about Multiverse mode .