Clash Royale is a very popular game, that many have us hooked. It is full of different combinations and strategies, each player opts for different troops or combos depending on their ability. The trick we are going to teach you today probably already knows you, but if not, this advice will be very useful.

Slow charts can be accelerated by putting a quick chart back. It may not come to the first, but with a little skill and taking advantage of the narrowing of the bridges , we can easily get it. The slow card takes advantage of the speed of the fast card behind it. This trick only increases the speed of movement, not of attack.

Combo to speed up your troops

There are two combinations to make use of this strategy. Any of the princes with the Valkyrie or the barbarians of the elite with the Valkyrie. As the Valkyrie goes ahead, the other cards will not be restrained by any skeleton-style ground troops. If they throw us an army of skeletons will not stop us, since the Valkyrie will clear the way. This way we will be easier and faster to reach the enemy tower . We can substitute Valkyrie for other cards but the best combo is without a doubt the Valkyrie.

We must remember that this effect is also produced by the fury card, which increases the speed of movement and attack for 6 or more seconds . This effect is also produced by the woodcutter when he dies (releases a potion of fury). Fury comes very well with cards such as the globe or elite barbarians, once they reach tower they are unstoppable.

Clash Royale is full of different combinations and strategies, choose the one that best suits you and put your opponent in a tight spot. The Prince Valkyrie combination is very good , you get a lot of value thanks to the speed of the prince.