As we level up in Last Day on Earth, we unlock new crafters that will become more difficult to do, but that will be more and more help. In this case, we talk about the Radio Tower, a device that will help us form an alliance with other players, and much more, but how is it built? that we explain in the following information.

Build the Radio Tower

By building the Radio Tower, we can do great things, because we can establish an alliance with a clan and we can also communicate through the chat. So we will not be alone once we build the Radio Tower, it will be more a cooperative game where we can give and get help, and also allow us to hire survivors to be able to have more performance at the crafting tables, which is a lot of help.

Many wonder about the multiplayer mode, and well that mode is already, only that we must build the Tower of the Radio to activate it. To craft the tower, it is said that we will mainly have to build the SUV or Helicopter, since the resources we need, such as oak planks and steel ingots, are obtained from the other places that are after the river.

First of all, to create the Radio Tower we will need several materials that are somewhat difficult to construct, which are the following:

  • 8 Oakwood planks: At the top of the map, we will see the oak forest, but to get there we will have to build the SUV, as we said before, is the only way to get there.
  • 10 Steel Ingots: To obtain the steel ingots, we must find them or get some material that can be transformed into this steel ingot. At the moment, it is very difficult to get this type of resource, since they are not in the part of our map, so it is blocked for now until the developers of the game activate it.
  • 15 Wires: This material is easily found in boxes of first-class places (green areas), and on several sides, it is very common to see it.
  • 25 Scrap: Scrap is also found in chests that are anywhere on the map.

In conclusion, it is extremely difficult to build the Radio Tower, unless you have built the SUV or helicopter, otherwise, only waiting for the updates that will enable things, as it should be remembered that the game is still in development, so much to see in Last Day on Earth.