The Doctor is one of the killers newly integrated into Dead by Daylight, arriving to scare the survivors and with great abilities that can be complicated to avoid. It is important, to learn how it works to be able to escape it, like all murderers, The Doctor also has disadvantages that we can use to our benefit. So we’ll show you how to survive, and beat The Doctor in Dead by Daylight.

Escape Doctor

The Doctor may be a hard-to-avoid killer, but by taking the following tips, you’ll surely find it much easier to escape:

  • It is important to avoid Shock Therapy, this is activated when the Doctor is in Treatment mode. Always be aware of the ground, as it will warn us if the attack is approaching with the electric sparks we will see.
  • There are times when you hear a cry of insanity, if this happens, it is necessary to hide where The Doctor cannot see us, as this could go unnoticed.
  • The closets can be a great advantage because to be in them, the killer can not win madness, and also inside them will not affect the electric rays of The Doctor. It is good to use them, but once we have the opportunity, it is best to run to another place, because by staying, there will be more chance that the killer will find us by the sound of our breath.
  • The Doctor, has the ability to use illusions to locate the survivors, and for this reason, it is not good to stay fixed in one place, it is advisable to be in constant movement.
  • It is necessary to consider, that if The Doctor is in the treatment mode, they will not be able to attack the survivors, and also the killer can be influenced by the madness. However, you must always be careful, as there are more experienced players who are dominating The Doctor, who can change quickly to do a Shock Therapy, and continuously grab the survivors to hang them.
  • It is not good to stay close to a partner if you suffer the level 3 insanity because these are easily found by The Doctor.

In this way, we will have more chances to escape the Doctor, but we must take into account that it is also a question of practice, something that helps a lot, is to use this assassin, to know better and to be better when we are in a game survivors and with The Doctor.