The time comes when we will have the opportunity to capture the best Pokémon in the game, and for that reason, Niantic has proposed the exclusive incursions, where we will see powerful Pokémon, and to which we are most interested, Mewtwo. A battle against Mewtwo, will not be easy, since after all it is a Legendary Pokémon, one of the strongest, and we will have to put a lot of effort to overcome it. It will be hard work, and that’s why we’ll explain how Mewtwo is caught in Pokémon GO.

Catch Mewtwo

Finally, Mewtwo has reached the Pokémon GO, now we can catch it, but it takes dedication and patience since it will be hard work to achieve it. This great Pokémon will not only be available in Japan, but will also be for Spain and all other countries, so any trainer can try to capture it.

When adding to Mewtwo, Niantic applied a dynamic, split the incursions for the different cases, creating the Special incursions, so it would require a different pass, a special pass. It should be noted that it is not easy to obtain this pass since the following requirements have to be met:

  • Win a raid on the gym where Mewtwo appears.
  • You have to win the gym recently, that is, at least a few weeks earlier when much.

When fulfilling the necessary requirements, a notification will arrive that will warn us that this legendary will leave in the gym already commented, and will stay there for a limited time. It will be necessary, to meet with at least 12 coaches in order to manage to overcome it, and if they are less, then you will miss the opportunity to overcome it and we will have to wait for the next exclusive incursion. So when it’s all done, you have to make the most of it, give it everything we have so that we can get Mewtwo, and thus accomplish another goal in Pokémon GO.