In Last Day on Earth, there are different methods of transport that are very important to be able to move to places to obtain resources. In this case, we talk about the SUV, a very important means of transport, since this will help us to unblock other places in the game. If you are interested in how to build it, here we will show you the following information.

Build the All Terrain

This means of transport is extremely useful, because it will allow us to reach parts that are impossible to reach if we do not have the same SUV, places that are after the river, that can not be passed by motorcycle or on foot. At any time, we will have to build the SUV, since the places we unlock by having it ready will have new resources that will help us to craft more things, resources that we may not even have seen on the other side of the map.

First of all we will need to crate it, and for this we will need the following resources or materials:

  • 20 Wooden planks.
  • 25 Iron ingots.
  • 15 Screws.
  • 15 Wires.
  • 10 adhesive tape.

To have it crafted, to place it in our base, we will have to have 4 level 3 tiles , placed in 2 × 2 to be able to put the SUV, and start building it as such. The pieces necessary to build it, are similar to those of the motorcycle, only that in large quantities, specifically, these materials are the following:

  • 1 Canvas of All Terrain.
  • 1 Gas tank.
  • 1 Transmission.
  • 500 of scrap metal.
  • 320 screws.
  • 200 engine parts.
  • 150 pieces of rubber.
  • 120 wires.
  • 100 Cojinets.

All these pieces will be found in the boxes and places that we travel , surely we will encounter several of these, just be patient, as this takes time, and with these large quantities of materials, we will last much longer in building of what we do with the bike.

In this way, we will gradually build the SUV, so that at some point we can travel to other places and get new materials to crate new objects.