In this guide, we will explain how to end the bosses of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. Our friend Crash has no rest and the evil experiments of Neo Cortex are always lurking. Before we face him we will have to destroy his subjects.

Chief end

In the load screen, you will get a brief explanation of how you can end this enemy. We in this post today we will explain the best way to do it, when to attack and what pattern of attack follow these bosses.

Tiny Tiger

We return to face Tiny Tiger in the third installment of Crash Bandicoot. Our enemy will jump all over the map and we will have to dodge their attacks. After a while, it will be knocked out and we will have to take advantage to hit him. Then there will be a herd of lions that we will have to dodge.

Dingo Dile

We will have to dodge their attacks and when a hole is opened in your ice barrier it will be time to attack him. Twice more and we’ll be done with Dingo Dile.

N. Trophy

This enemy will attack us with rays and energy balls that we will have to dodge by skipping or jumping, after a series of attacks will be weakened and platforms will appear that will help us reach him. We will walk the road and hit him twice more and we will have beaten him.

N. Gin

This time we will be Cocoon board a ship, we will fight against a robot of N. Gin that will launch our missiles. When we empty your health bar, it will change shape. We will have to do the same.

Neo Cortex

The final bout of the last installment of Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy, we will have to dodge the masks and the weapons of Cortex until we have the opportunity to hit it. When we hit him a third time, we will have beaten him.