Google increasingly gives more importance to its photo file application and it’s no wonder. It has managed to become a reference in another field, something we did not see at this level from Gmail and Google Maps.

A few days ago we received an update that began to show us pictures of the past related to the current ones, Before and Now, and the developers continue to make improvements.

In particular, the latest version that has been deployed brings us the news in the notifications, in the way of sharing the photos and also prepares us for a big change: the integration with Google Maps.

Sharing and commenting

Although we can send an image through the applications that we have installed on our mobile if we share it directly through Photos the message sent will appear as the first comment on the album instead of disappearing.

Notification channel

The application has also been updated and has a direct access to the notification channel. There we can configure what we want to be notified of the application, in case having all the notifications activated is too much for us.


Integration with Google Maps

Two of the most useful Google services seem to be integrated in some way soon. There is a new code string inside the APK that allows you to see where future updates will go.

<string name = “photos_dateheaders_locations_locationlabeledu_message”> Your Google Maps labels are now searchable here. </ string>

The lists of Google Maps are already the same as those that appear in the wizard and it does not seem unreasonable to think that Google Photos will be integrated with the tags and places that we have also saved in Google Maps.

The application can be updated from the Play Store although if you have not yet reached you can download the APK directly.