Being a survivor, in a world totally destroyed and full of zombies, the most important thing for us is the resources, since they are responsible for us to get on with life, weapons, food, and the materials for the crafter are necessary for survival. So if you’re just getting started, and you’re not sure how to get the resources on Last Day on Earth, we’ll show you below.

Food and water

Food is the main source of life, We have a section that tells us how much hunger our character has, and we must always be aware of that, because if we let it down a lot, our health will begin to weaken, until we die hunger, that is why it is always necessary to have food so that this does not happen and that we can heal ourselves of an enemy attack. The food is much better cooked, as it gives much more effective in giving us life and filling our health bar.

Water is also very important, it is always necessary, and more if we start because our character can be exhausted. For this, it is good to construct the rain collector, so that we can fill the empty water containers that we have found in coffers of other parts. Similarly, food also quenches thirst a little but is not recommended when going to another place, because we can tire quickly.

There is also another way to quench thirst, it is with berries, when we get them, we must build a campfire to make the berries tea, it really helps when we do not have bottles of water. It should be noted that in the same campfire we can make the carrot stew, which is done with a process where we must create the garden, plant the seeds of the plant fiber, and place carrots at the stake.

Wood, iron and stone

At first, we get the wood and the stone, in small pieces that we will see on the ground. From there, it will be necessary to create the ax to cut trees of any kind, and these trees will find them in other places where we see several pines.

It is important to know that if we are newbies or that passes through the mind approaching the red areas, always green, until we are at a higher level since the colors define the degree of difficulty of the place, green, orange, and red. Each pine will give us 3 logs, in green places we will find pines at a low quantity, in normal orange, and in red a large quantity. Wood is very important, so it is advisable to always have it, since it is used to build, cook, make weapons and more.

Stone and iron are obtained in the same way we do with wood , but only change that we must create a peak and use it in each pile of stone or iron that we see, and also give us 3 units for each pile that we mine. The stone will serve us to improve our house and to make bricks of stone, and iron for weapons and construction.

Cloth, rope and leather

Rope and cloth can be achieved by killing zombies. Also, by means of the sewing table, when constructing it, we will be able to make pieces of cloth with plant fiber, and from there, make more advanced materials to create clothes.

To find furs, we must simply hunt deer or wolves, os 1 of meat and 1 of fur. On the other hand, there is the Support to tan skins, with this we will make the leather for the weapons, and also make strings, from fiber plant.

This is how you get the main resources, to survive Last Day on Earth. Little by little, we will gain experience, and we will know much more.