You install a custom ROM. You like it, you’re good. But you want to reset the factory phone, leaving said ROM. How to do it? Relax, we leave you a tutorial.

Even the most advanced aspects of Android touch the most normal and intermediate users. It would not be the first time that someone not very put in technology is presented to me with a customized ROM installed on his Android. After all, it is only skill and some patience. But once you enter,  how do you get out?

While installing a ROM is an achievement for many, it sometimes comes out of it as well. Restoring your Android so that it looks exactly like it came out of the box is not easy since it depends on the brands. For this reason, we leave you a tutorial so that you can learn how to reset your phone in a personalized ROM.

The thing goes for brands


Although to install a ROM the procedure is more or less the same ( and can go wrong ) for almost any Android, the exit of these is not universal. That is, there is no specialized method to return to the original ROM you were wearing. Disadvantages of fragmentation. Although everything is based on one concept:  the firmware.

Flashing the original firmware, that is, the original file, we can go back. But the programs vary according to the brand. Therefore, we are going to bring you the different ways of returning to a stock ROM according to the brand of the device. We will select those most inclined to have their devices flashed , whether they are Samsung, Xiaomi, LG.

Note: these tutorials carry risks. This implies that you will carry out these processes under your responsibility and that The Free Android does not take responsibility for the possible damages that you may cause to your device.

Samsung: Odin


The tool par excellence to touch a Samsung is Odin. It is an executable program that is responsible for flashing the necessary files to install a recovery, a ROM or even root a Samsung Galaxy. With this, you can flash the original firmware of your Samsung and leave it at the factory. These are the steps:

  • Download Odin from this link, and save it in a special folder for him. You have to download version 3.09.
  • Download the original firmware of your Samsung. You have two options: download it from  or from Sammobile, although in the second case the download will be very slow  and will take a long time. Remember to choose the firmware of your model, because you could cause a mess.
  • With the two downloaded files, run Odin as administrator. Right-click on the Odin.exe file and click “Run as administrator”.
  • Within the phone settings, remember to activate USB Debug in the Development Settings.
  • Now, you must turn on your Galaxy phone in  “Download” mode. To do this, turn it off. Once turned off, turn it on by pressing and holding the Power, Volume down and physical start buttons. When you appear on the screen with an android and an exclamation symbol, press Volume Up to hit Continue.
  • Connect your Galaxy device to your computer via USB. In Odin, I would have to leave a message on the screen that says  “Added !!”.
  • Click on the AP button and look for the firmware you downloaded. When everything is ready, hit  “Start”, wait for the process to complete and your Galaxy to restart.
  • Ready!

Xiaomi: My Flash

For MIUI, we have something very similar to Odin. It is a program that, with a different interface, performs the same functions as its partner. It is called  My Flash and it is a completely official tool  that will be able to flash your Xiaomi in a second with the ROM that you want. Of course, as always, we urge you to choose the right version for your phone.