Since the iPhone X was announced, many rumors and gossip have appeared that ensured that the product will be difficult to reach the stores on time, and it will be a rather special unit in many ways. Basically, because the components used for your facial recognition system seem to come from a distant planet since the sensors are quite complex and far from being able to produce mass. Well, now a report published by Bloomberg seems to confirm what many feared, although they suggest that Apple has found a way to “relax” the specifications of Face ID to avoid problems.

If we do a little memory, Face ID is something like a little Kinect which is responsible for mapping the face of the person holding the phone. All in a small space located in the upper area of the terminal, right where it creates the much-criticized “eyebrow” of the screen. In that hole is where all the new components will go, some elements of high technology that after passing through the sketches of the engineers have come to the production lines with a small drawback: there is not enough time to prepare that jewel of engineering. The focus seems to be on the spot projector, a tiny component in charge of projecting 30,000 infrared dots to the face, which added to a gallium arsenide laser emitter, make the manufacture need to be microscopically accurate, that needs several test tests to check that everything works correctly.


According to Bloomberg, in the first steps of the production of the projector, only 20% of completed units passed the quality tests, something that forced the manufacturers to slow the production to ensure the perfect operation. And that’s where the new Apple measures come in, which seems to reduce the test requirements so the system is not sickly accurate.

Does this mean that Face ID will not offer as much as it promised? For now, it is not clear, although everything could point to things will not change much. If Face ID has lowered its accuracy, it will remain more secure and accurate than it is currently Touch ID, so the change will always be the best.