Where is the limit of what Artificial Intelligence can bring to humanity? We have seen it working surprisingly well in automated customer support centers, and even making certain phones take almost perfect photos, but we are still surprised to discover that this ‘superior’ intelligence will be able to govern our destinies in a more … elevated way.

Yes, the last thing we have known about this advance in the world of technology is that it has become the protagonist of a new religion baptized as Way of the Future (WOTF). This crazy project is headed by a former Google employee, Anthony Levandowski, who is very clear that in the immediate future, our top reference will be a robot powered by the AI.

The objective of said religion is clear: “to develop and promote the creation of a god based on Artificial Intelligence”, with the objective of “achieving a better society”. If we approach the opening letter of the web, we find a disturbing “who takes care of the planet”, who comes to say that it seems that it would be wiser if the well-instructed machines did. The principles of WOTF also start from the belief that the intellect is not born from biology -now, that we develop it but it is not innate- and that what we are trying to do is to ‘recreate it’ but overcoming biological ‘limitations’.

It is possible that your hands are shaking at this point in the text, but the church is real and has already been registered in the United States, and in fact, they are going to start creating work groups in San Francisco this month. And its founder, Levandowski, defends something that will leave you pensive: your religion will be the first in which anyone can talk to God and get an answer …