Tamarind (tamarindus indica) can be used to make different preparations. Among them is the infusion or tea, since from it you can obtain its properties and great health benefits in a natural and very effective.

What is tamarind tea for?

  • February : has febrifugal properties, so it is used to minimize the increase in body temperature that is due to certain diseases.
  • Anthelmintic : Tamarind leaves have great anthelmintic properties, since they are ideal in the treatment of intestinal parasites . The infusion when ingested by children is very safe, since it has no side effects.
  • Digestive : due to its fiber supply, the fruit of tamarind is effective as a remedy for people suffering from constipation or slow digestion . Also, such fibers containing the fruit contribute to leveling the bad cholesterol .
  • Depurative : tamarind has cleansing properties that help eliminate toxins from the body . So the tamarind leaves are usually used for the liver.
  • Diuretics Tamarind helps treat kidney stones , urinary tract infections and fluid retention.
  • Cardiovascular Properties : Scientific studies have found that tamarind has a potent antioxidant power and is able to help prevent atherosclerosis .
  • Toning : Tamarind has a high content of organic acids that provide refreshing and toning properties. So the ideal thing is in drinks in case of undergoing sports training.

How to prepare tamarind tea

To make this drink full of virtues you only have to dry 5 tamarind leaves. When they are dry it is necessary to boil one liter of water and pour the leaves for 5 minutes. After time, strain the infusion and sweeten it with a little honey. Ready to enjoy!

So give yourself a chance to feel good with this delicious tamarind infusion and watch as the body begins to feel good.