Nintendo’s next big hit on mobile is coming: the company just announced Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, the definitive social game.

Animal Crossing saved all the elements to land on smartphones with maximum success. It is a purely social game, it fosters the contacts between the friends, it facilitates the search of more friends and the world already seen in consoles offers so much fun that to have it always accessible in the mobile facilitates the enjoyment anywhere. It is not surprising that at the end Nintendo has decided.

After the rumors and knowing that it would finally land, Animal Crossing is very close to your Android. This has been made known by Nintendo in its latest Direct: the Pocket Camp version comes to Android in late November. Although you can already sign up in the Google Play Store: the previous access to the game is open.

Build, contact, explore … Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is immense

The console games were already extensive, so moving the franchise to mobile phones, with their billions of potential players, involves creating an even bigger world. And the possibilities seen in the first demonstration prove it: they are immense.

Animal Crossing will bring to mobile the essence of console with freemium touch

Visit friends, let us visit and build a virtual home with the style and furniture we decide. All based on the virtual currencies of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: as a freemium game that will be, Nintendo will force you to win all the elements little by little or go through the box by buying them directly.

The “crafteo” or combination of materials will also be a key part of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Combining objects will cause us to obtain new products with which to furnish our home or use for our own benefit. The possibilities in this field are wide and would allow giving more freedom to the players of Animal Crossing in mobiles.

Nintendo aims to encourage contacts between players with the level of friendship. As we talk with the different players we will raise our level that shows how social we are. Let’s not forget that the purpose of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is to find new friends to visit and open our home.

Animal Crossing promises to be Nintendo’s biggest hit on mobile


The company had a hard time transferring its franchises to smartphones, but it is taking practice. The first was Miitomo, a social game that has many similarities with Animal Crossing. Pokémon GO was its first great success, even if it did not develop it and participated so actively. With Super, Mario Run anticipated the explosion of the company in the mobile game but did not finish of curd due to the high amount of the complete title. For its part, Fire Emblem Heroes is the best example of good work in smartphones: important franchise, free game, and an acceptable shopping pressure.

The Fire Emblem formula is intended to exploit Nintendo with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: direct and barrier-free access to millions of players, both those who know the franchise and those who approach it for the first time. Relatively open world with unlimited possibilities of contact. And if you want to distinguish yourself from others or go faster you can always buy currency or new items.

Subscribe to previous access in the Google Play Store

Following the usual trend, Nintendo has put Animal Crossing Pocket Camp in the Google Play Store for you to record your previous registration. It is only a sample of interest, but at least we know that it will arrive soon. No specific date, but with the end of November as an approximate launch.